Is Duolingo Free To Use? (If Yes! Which Part is Paid and Which is Free?)

Duolingo is the most common platform on which you can learn different languages. The only mission of this platform is to provide you with quality education in different languages. You find a lot of games and exciting activities on this platform to learn different languages. On this platform, you will be focusing on words, grammar, skills, etc. While thinking about this platform, you may be confused about whether is Duolingo free to use or not. To help you with it, we have discussed it in detail.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo is a language learning platform which is free for all users. It is also free for the teachers and the schools. 
  • As it is free, you can take as many courses as you want for free. Thus you can choose from more than 100 courses. 
  • According to the statement of the platform, this platform is free for a lifetime.
  • Duolingo is a platform which makes money through the freemium model which has three different aspects- Offering a premium version, running advertisements, and in-app purchases.
  • There are also two different subscription plans for Duolingo – Individual and family plans.
  • You can also get the subscription plan for free in four different ways – 14-day free trials, promo codes, increasing the streaks, and using in-app purchases.

However, we recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts related to the free use of Duolingo.

Is Duolingo Free To Use? 

Duolingo is a platform which helps you to learn different languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, etc. The platform is absolutely free and you will have to complete the lesson of the course of your choice. You will have to collect the gems for unlocking the lessons on the platforms. Duolingo has different features and you will also see different characters on the platform.

Although it is free there is a premium version of it as well. In addition to that you must remember that if you are finding a course which you may no longer need, you can always remove that language course. You will also get podcasts in which you can develop your speaking skills in the targeted languages. All the other features like legendary levels, crowns, and leagues, are free. However, you may have to use the gems for unlocking them. Duolingo also helps you to stay motivated in your language learning journey, as it is a game based on the platform.

Is Duolingo Free for teachers?

Duolingo is an ed-tech platform used by teachers and schools. It is also free for the teachers and the schools. However, it is a little bit different for using it as a teacher or the school. You will have to sign up for a teacher account which will be used for a school account as well. 

How many courses can you do on Duolingo for free?

Duolingo is a platform which you can use for free. There is no limit on the number of courses you can take on Duolingo for free. You can access more than 100 courses for different languages on this platform for free. You can take as many courses as you want to learn depending on your capabilities. However, taking 2 or more languages at a single time may be difficult for you to cope with. Thus try to focus on a single language and enjoy the Duolingo Owl ( the app icon) anytime you want to for free.

Will Duolingo Be Free Forever?

Though Duolingo is a platform that helps you to learn a different language for free, one of the most doubtful questions is if it will stay for free forever or not. You may not want to waste the streak that you have managed to maintain to date. The official statement on the website says that it will stay free for everyone who wants to learn a new language. Thus it is free forever. 

How does Duolingo make money?

Despite offering free courses, the platform is able to earn a lot of revenue. In fact, if we talk about 2021 statistics, the amount of revenue it generated was $250 million which was a 55% increase from 2020. In addition to that, they also pay course specialists who may be were the part of incubator earlier. So how does it do that? The platform basically has a freemium business model. It basically has three different ways of earning revenue-

Offering the premium version 

The premium version is also known as super Duolingo which provides the users with some features that are not available on the free version. The total share of it is about 70% of the revenue according to 2021 statistics.

Advertisements running on the platform

There are a lot of free users on this platform. Thus the platform takes the advertising revenue from them. In such cases, Duolingo advertises the products by providing videos and ads with the help of advertising impressions. This advertising revenue contributes about 18% according to 2021.

In-app purchases

In it, the user may have to purchase one-time benefits like a streak freezer or purchasing of gems. Another way of earning from this way is the English tests that you can take on. You will have to pay a one-time fee i.e $49. 

How to get the premium version for free?

Taking a subscription plan may not be worth and you may be looking for a better alternative for it. Thus here are four different ways by which you can get it for free-

1. Increasing the streaks

One of the best ways of getting it for free is by increasing the streaks. It is absolutely free and you do not even need to add any of your payment details for it. However, in most cases, it will offer you free trials for up to 3 days.

2. Using the desktop version

If you are using the desktop version, you will get some of the benefits like unlimited health. If it was the reason why you were thinking of taking the subscription, you must use the desktop version.

3. 14-day free trial

For using this service, you need to give your payment details first. Once you add the payment details, you will get the premium version free for the first 14 days. Thus it will not cost you a single penny for having it for 14 days. However, you must remember to cancel the free version of it before the free time.

Promo codes

These are like discount codes that you Duolingo keeps on releasing. You may get a promo code which offers you a 30 to 40 days free trial which will help you to get a free trial for 30-40 days. In it, you will again have to add all the necessary payment details. However, your money will only be deducted once this period is over. 

Does Duolingo charge after a free trial?

When you add the payment details for taking the subscription plan, you will get a 14-day free trial. Though there will be no deduction for those 14 days, once you have used your free trial, you will have to pay the amount of the subscription plan you have chosen. Also, the amount will be automatically deducted from the account which you have added. Further, we have discussed what is the subscription plan for Duolingo.

What is the subscription plan for Duolingo? 

The subscription plan is one which helps you to get rid of unwanted features like ads and get some extra benefits. Earlier it was known as Duolingo Plus, and now it is known as Super Duolingo. With the help of a subscription plan, you will get unlimited health and you can practice your mistakes again and again. If you lose your streak, you can repair it without losing it. You will have to get VIP status and unlock streak society for getting a 365 streak score.

Another advantage that you get was using it offline. However, it is now available for free users as well. In addition to it, if you are on a level which you find easy and don’t want to waste time on it, you can easily skip it. Further, we have discussed the cost of Super Duolingo.

How much is Duolingo Super?

How much you will be paying will depend upon the area where you are living, the type of subscription and the duration for it. There are two types of plans on super Duolingo-

Individual plan – 

This plan is only for individuals and you can not share it with others. It can be purchased monthly, annually, or for 6 months. Further, we have discussed the cost of individual plans for the annual individual plan-

CountriesSubscription plan (per month)

Family Plan-

A family plan is one which you can share with up to 5 other people. They can be your friends, family and other people who are willing to take it. It helps you to save money. If you can share it with 2 or more people the cost that you will be paying is much less than the one you will be paying in the individual plan. However, you must there are only annual plans on this platform-

CountryPrice of the plan


On Duolingo you can learn different languages like French, Spanish, German, etc. Using this platform is absolutely free and you can learn as many languages as you want. In fact, if we talk about the teachers and schools, it is again free for them. Also according to their official website, it will be free for a lifetime. Though it is free for everyone, still they are earning well. This is because they are using the freemium business model which has three different versions – offering a premium version, in-app purchase, and providing advertisements on the platform.

The cost of the premium version is for two different plans individual and family plans. In an individual plan, you can not share it with others whereas, in a family plan, you can share it with others. However, the cost that you will be paying as an individual for an individual plan is much higher than a family plan. 


Is Duolingo free or paid?

Duolingo is a platform which helps you to learn different languages freely for different users. However, there is a paid version of it as well which provides you with more features that are not available in the free version. 

What is the difference between free and paid Duolingo?

In the free version, you will have a lot of ads and limited health. Further, you are not able to repair the streaks and skip the leagues. Whereas with the help of paid Duolingo, you will get rid of those unnecessary ads and will have unlimited health. Also, you will be able to repair the streaks and you can easily skip the league if you find them easily.

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