Is University harder than A-Levels?

Universities and A-levels are different from each other. Many students believe that they both have almost similar difficulty levels but this is just a myth. When you are studying for your A-levels, you need to understand the core of each of the subjects taken. But when you are studying at the university, you will need to study a single subject. Thus it is important for you to know if it is harder than A-level or not.

The difficulty level will depend upon the subjects you are taking up. If you are choosing STEM subjects then you may find the university harder. Further, we have discussed whether the university is harder or not.

Is University Harder Than A-Levels?

Despite the fact that a degree is a higher level of study, most students find that studying at university is no more difficult than studying for A Levels. If you are studying STEM subjects, you may feel a significant increase in difficulty.

However, those studying non-STEM subjects recognize A-level exams to be comparable to the average university course, especially in the first couple of years. The mode of learning, as well as the university lifestyle, is different, so you may take some time to get used to it. Thus whether the university is easier than A-level or not will depend on various factors.

What are the factors that you will need to consider when deciding whether the A-level is harder than the university or not?

To get into the university you will have to take care of A-level results. Following are the factors that help to decide which one is hard-

1. Passing Marks

A-Level courses’ passing marks are different for each subject. Some require higher percentages of marks to pass than degrees, while others require less.

2. Time taken

It is obvious that to complete the university you will need to take up more time than the A-level. You will be spending more time in university than during your A-levels.

3. Support from teachers

When compared to university students, A-Level students have much more time in class and have more support from teachers.

4. Independent study

You will be expected to do far more independent research in your universities than your A-Level students.

5. Course Curriculum

University content is more detailed than sixth-form content. This is because during your A-levels you are expected to take up three A-levels. Whereas, in universities, you will be focusing only on one subject.

How hard is a degree compared to A-levels?

You need to take at least three A-levels in your sixth form. The course curriculum of your A-levels is based on it. But the course related to the degree will revolve around only one subject. Thus it will be more deep and tough compared to the A-level. However, the best part is the degree you choose to do is your choice. Obviously, when you will be studying the subject of your own choice, you will feel less burdened and will enjoy studying more.

Why are A-levels harder than university?

During your A-levels, you will need to study a minimum of three subjects at a single time. Each subject further involves different sections when studying for your A-levels. Though it becomes hard for you to study a mix of the subjects. However, if we talk about the degree, you will be studying branches that are connected with a single subject. In addition, depending upon the subject you will also be getting practical knowledge of the subject which is not the case for A-level. 

Is studying at university hard?

Well of course studying at the university is quite hard. Your environment suddenly gets changed especially in your freshman year. You meet new people, teachers, and students when you go to university. Many students are not able to cope with the pressure of starting. Also in universities, you need to do a lot of self-study which is again not a cup of coffee. This again makes it tough for you to study. In addition to it, there will be a lot of assignments and projects that you will need to submit to the university. This will consume most of your time in preparing them, giving you no time for your things. 

Is university less stressful than A-Levels?

Many students believe that university is less stressful than A-level. This is because you need to study hard for each of your A-level. There are no fun activities and you will be studying for hours. Whereas, when you are studying at the university, you will be spending your time studying only one subject and will also take part in a lot of other fun activities. Also when you are in a university, you will have to make a lot of assignments which acts like a break from your regular studies. 

Are A-levels stressful?

Every exam in this world will give you stress and this is the same case for A-levels. A-levels are an important factor in your life. They are the main factor that will be responsible for your selection to the top universities. You may feel stress during your A-levels especially if you have chosen any hard A-level. However not every A-level is stressful and if you make a habit of regular studying then you will not feel any kind of stress during your tough A-levels. Start studying as early as possible in order to make your A-levels less stressful. 


Many students get confused about which one is hardly a university or an A-level. Both are hard at their places. You will need to work equally hard for both. Though both are hard, universities tend to be slightly less hard than the A-level. This is because of different factors like the course curriculum in the university will revolve around only one subject. Whereas, when you are studying for your A-levels you will need to study different subjects, and that too at a deeper level.

William Christie