Is University Higher Education or Further Education?

There are many students who don’t know what level of education they are studying and the terms of higher education and further education are heard by the student many times. It is important for you to understand whether the university comes under higher or further education.

University education comes under higher education. For your better understanding, we have further discussed it in detail.

Is University Higher Education or Further Education?

The education done by you in the university is considered higher education and education done after school is called higher education. And further education is the education that is being studied after secondary school. Further education like sixth forms is used by the student to get higher education.

What is Higher Education?

In higher education, you have to compete with other students to get professional certification. Higher education is in the form of a degree. After 2011 the education of the university was given the name of higher education so that it makes the difference between a degree education and non-degree education. Non-degree education which is studied after secondary school is said to be further education.

You have to study for approximately 3 to 4 years in higher education. During these years you will get prepared for the subjects which they are going to study for a career in their field of study. the degree named bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Doctorate which is studied during higher education.

What is Further Education?

Further education, covers the education which is being completed after secondary school in which the university is not included. It said to any studies which are done by the student after secondary school but which are not part of the education for graduate and undergraduate programs. Further education is basically the education that the students do for finding a job.  The following are 4 sections into which Further education can be divided:

  1. Applied
  2. academic
  3. Functional learning
  4. technical learning

The academic includes the studies of A-levels, EPQ, and baccalaureate, and technical learning includes the studies of NVQ and SVQ technical levels.

What Are the Key Differences Between Higher and Further Education?

When we compare the education level, further education is considered to be easier than higher education. The students mostly choose to do further education to learn the skills and they can choose the course of their own choice. Further education helps them with their preparation for a job or higher education. During this education don’t have to take pressure on them.

On the other hand, higher education is the education that is helpful for you to get the knowledge that you can use in your chosen career path of study. Further education mainly helps the student to be focused on teaching them practically and make them learn the skills. Though higher education is considered to be theoretical and during higher education, the students are trained professionally for their life career study. Higher education is completed within 3 to 4 years but further education course varies according to the chosen course by the student and approximately it takes 2 years.

What should a student choose for further education or higher education?

It is necessary for students to get an education until they are 18. This means that when a student finishes Secondary School they have to take the education which is in the form of A-level. Choosing A-level will make the student get into higher education. If a student thinks about going to university for higher education they will have an idea of what career path they have to pursue. Going to University will make the student get prepared for work in the field of study-based learning.

At last, you will get a degree that is helpful for you. It will act as a kind of proof of your high education during the job. But if a student is interested in an agriculture or art-based job they can pursue education after completing secondary school as in further education the student will get to focus on all the skills needed for such profession.


The highest education is said to be the education that the student gets in the university after completing secondary school. But there are some students who do not receive higher education rather they choose to take further education in which they will learn practically about the jobs like getting into agriculture field art or drama. but higher education is theoretically based on which the student will learn deeply about the subject.


1.    What level of education is University?

The educational level spans from 4 to 6 in university. Also, you must note that if you find doing a degree tough, you can always try doing level 4 qualification. This is because it is the same as the first year of the degree.

William Christie