List of 10 Best Online GCSE Courses in 2023

The first qualification that you take as a student is your GCSEs. You can either take it through the schools or online as a private student. When you take it as a private student, you will have to study by yourself. You may find online tutors to help you with the coursework and provide you with the notes for the exams. However, when you are sitting as a private student it is important to choose the best online Gcse course. 

Science, maths, English, business studies, etc are the most common subjects that are getting popular among private students. Along with them, there are many other subjects that are popular online GCSE options which we have discussed in detail. 

10 Best Online GCSE Courses 

Following are the 10 best online GCSE courses to take in 2023-

1. Business studies 

It is the subject that helps you to know different facts about starting up your new company. This subject will give you insight into how to run a business and other various topics like marketing. 

  • Even though you do not want to open up your company, you can still take this subject as it will help you to learn important skills that are necessary for your future career. 
  • The topics that are covered during the syllabus, are very easy and can easily understand during the self-study.

2. History 

As we all know that the study of the past is known as history. In it, you will be studying both the past of the monuments and even the behavior of the people. 

  • It is a subject that needs a lot of time to understand and remember all the famous facts and dates in the past. However, the course content in this subject is very easy as it does not require deep understanding. 
  • To excel in this subject you need to have a good memory and you must be able to frame long answers to the questions asked in the exams.

3. English language 

This is one of the subjects that are compulsory to take at the GCSE level. If you do not pass it you will have to resit for this exam till you get at least a pass in it. The English language is the subject that will help to test your writing skills. Thus you should remember that you need to have good writing skills.

This subject will help you to improve your English and is considered by the employees. If you are thinking of getting into a university in the future, choosing this subject will help you a lot. You can find lots of English tutors available online to study at home.

4. Maths

Just like the English language maths is again a subject that is compulsory to take up. You will need to have a specific calculator to ace GCSE maths. This is one of the common reasons why most students subject online. 

  • You will have to study various topics that are included in maths like geometry, statistics, etc. 
  • It will help you to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills which are important for career growth. 
  • Taking maths at GCSE will also help you to get into the university of your own choice. 

5. Science

There is no doubt why we have kept this in the online GCSEs. It doesn’t matter how you’re taking up GCSEs, which subject you choose is more important. I agree that the course content is tough but there is no doubt that having this GCSE will help you a lot with your future plans. 

  • There are generally three different types of GCSEs that you can take up – Single Award Science, Double Award Science, and Triple Award Science. 
  • In both, your double and triple award science, you need to study all three different sciences. However, in triple science, you will need to study them in deep.

6. Modern foreign languages

This is the subject in which you will have to learn all the basics of a new language. You will get to study all new concepts and can find a lot of online tutors for this subject. With the change in time, every company wants to hire a person who knows a different language.

Therefore adding up this qualification will help you to increase your chances of getting selected. Many universities also give preference to students who know another language. 

7. English literature

In this subject, you will have to study the different content and will have to analyze it. You may be given a particular topic, poetry, books, etc to read and analyze the content. 

  • This subject helps you to increase your analytical skills. Analytical skills are also very important when you are going for any job. 
  • This is also one of the best online GCSEs to take because it involves a lot of independent studies and taking it online will give you a lot of free time to study it.

8. Geography

It is another humanities subject on this list. This subject is the study of the earth, flora and fauna, and people living in specific regions. 

  • Geography is one such subject that involves experimental concepts from sciences and thus is also considered an easy science subject.
  • You will be studying two different concepts in it – physical and human geography. Both components involve a great amount of understanding of the content.
  • You will also need to prepare projects on some best ideas.

9. Information, Computing, and Technology

You may have found this subject in your primary schools, as it was one of the compulsory subjects over there. In this subject, you will be studying different concepts related to different systems, networks, communications, etc. If you are a person who wants to make a career in computing and is a technology lover then definitely this is the subject that is for you. However this is not a very popular subject among the student to take, but if you are thinking of increasing your knowledge in the computing field then you must choose this subject.

10. Citizenship

Another least popular yet easy subject to take online. It is the subject that will help you to get knowledge about different subjects that are related to society, well-being, etc. 

  • As this subject will give you transferable skills, you can take it to get into any field. 
  • The course content of this subject is so easy that you can study it on your own. 
  • It will also help you to gain knowledge related to how should you cast votes and how various functions work in society.


You can either do your GCSE from the school or online as a private student. When you are doing the GCSE as a private student, you will have to study on your own and you are responsible for your study material and coursework. However, you can find out various online tutors to take help from. It is also very important to choose the right online GCSE course and thus this article involves 10 top online GCSE courses. Some of the most common subjects are Maths, Business Studies, English, Science, etc. 

William Christie