20+ Happiest Colleges – List of Colleges with the Happiest Students

 Every student in the college wants extracurricular activities rather than just having classes. On this base, ranking is given to various colleges. But it depends on the feedback of the student. This article is showing the list of colleges with the happiest students. Every student wishes to attend one such college so let us know some Colleges with the Happiest Students.

Some of the colleges which have happy students are Princeton University, Brown University, College of William and Mary, Clemson university, etc. Further, we have discussed these schools in detail for your better understanding.

List of Colleges with the Happiest Students:

When you are applying to a college it is important to know if they will look at your GPA or not. Thus it is important to know which college has the happiest students. You must ask some of the questions to college roommates so that you can make them your friends. Following are the colleges and universities which have the happiest students-

1. Princeton University:

It’s a private institution. It helps you to get admitted to the university with affordable fees such that if you have a family income of $6500 or below it you do not need to repay. You can learn the course with the experienced faculty and the university also organizes many social programs. There are also facilities of fully accredited health care where the students get to check their mental health, counselling is done, and psychological and health advantages and disadvantages are taught to the students. The university makes sure to take talented students from almost all backgrounds.

2. Brown University:

Brown university wants its students to cultivate creativity and aims that students should make the academic zone strong. The university offers scholarships that the student can easily afford to everyone. the university makes sure that every student gets academic knowledge in the right way and also explores the student in the area of athletics and recreation. The health and wealth of the students are also maintained. Students who are athletes take care of their health and they can also participate in the brown university’s state-to-state art fitness center and also may have an expensive athletic complex.

3. Vanderbilt university:

Vanderbilt University makes the students experience the culture of the university with academic learning in an enjoyable environment. The university has a balance between school and social life thus making the country’s happiest students. The university consists of 30 dining halls,18 dining locations, and 35 clubs. The environment of the university is a way that the student cultivates their passions.

The university’s top priorities are the health, wealth, and safety of the students and the faculty. They provide the student with a health center that is used for curing if needed chronic disease management. The facility of getting concerned with the experts if the student is having any mental and emotional problems rather it is personal or academic. The university also has the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s center for women which can provide a safe space and look into women’s health.

4. College of William and Mary:

The attractions of the college of William mary are the Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre, Lake Matoaka, and College Woods. The students of the college enjoy the facility provided by the instructor to do their best in their studies in their field. The university consists of an Earl Gregg Swem Library with a total strength of more than 2 million books, novels, etc. It also consists of a  Muscarelle Museum of Art with includes the painting of more than 60000 paintings, sculptures, and many more. the student can also find five specialty coffee houses, bakeshops, food court, etc. the College of William and Mary not only focuses on academic fulfillment but also make the student enjoy the fun traditions.

5. Kansas state university:

Kansas state university makes an environment for the student to feel at home and treat them as a family. You can get academic knowledge and develop many skills including leadership skills. You can also participate in the student governing association. The university consists of the union program council which enables the student to plan the local events of the university. You can also participate in cultural activities and arts. McCain Auditorium is where the student are performing with is further headed by international and national artists.

6. University of Iowa:

The University of Iowa consists of many options for the student in choosing the programs and the field. the university aims that every student should be guided by life changes and experiences. The university also gives support by providing scholarships to the family of students whose family income is not good. The university makes the student participate in online events such as the mid-day mindfulness which is organized by the student wellness. They also conduct the weekly activity in such a way the student can increase and maintain their mediation skills of the students.

8. Fairfield University:

Fairfield university makes the students free to participate in inquiries related to ethical and religious values. the university aims toward a strong green movement that leads toward the projects such as:

  •  water-conserving plumbing
  • switching to green cleaning products

The student who does make any positive impact on the sustainability issues of the university is being rewarded with $15000.the student who wants to eat good food can get it from the various restaurants around the university. the university also consists of residency halls, housing options, etc.

9. University of California, Berkeley:

The University of California makes sure looking the wealth issue of the students. The university focuses on various activities such as performances and events conducted by students around the campus. The student who shows more interest as a Film enthusiast can get to Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. The university can have the student play sport that maintains an active and healthy lifestyle for the student in the present and future.

10. Virginia polytechnic institute and state university:

The university makes the student learn academics by getting knowledge about technology. So that the student knows about the course study, how to perform research etc. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University consist of 200 buildings, with 2600 acres and an airport. the student is made to understand how to serve the communities and the world. the environment of the university is a way that every student can learn and grow ideally. the university treats every student equally making the environment a barrier-free environment.

11. Clemson University:

The university makes the student and the staff get full awareness about critical understanding by providing them with the programs. It also includes educational events with fun activities. You are provided with medical services. also can have access to the counseling and psychological services of the university.

12. Rice University:

The rice university provides the student with the student to faculty ratio of 6-to-1. The university organizes many social events and sports for the student. Students of the university get support in case of any emotional need, intellectual or cultural. The staff of the university helps the student with any academic advising if needed. It offers the student three kinds of funds. The university faculty encourages the students to join the 200 student organizations where the student can show their interest in many fields such as:

  • Academic
  • Political
  • Sports
  • Cultural
  • Media
  •  performance

    13. Auburn University:

The auburn university makes sure that the student’s future should not be destroyed by providing the student with career fairs and career development as the students are made to prepare for any interviews by taking mocks of the students, interview conducting, etc. the university provides support to the student through counseling and psychological services. they also consist of many programs provided to  the students such as:

  • Fitness.
  • Outdoor adventure.
  • Personal training 
  • Sport club 

14. Florida state university:

The Florida state university makes the student get the learning about academics whereas the administrator focuses on the liberal arts and thinking of the student. Athletics is the main suit of the university as they have won 80 ACC team championships across 14 different sports. the sports club are provided to the students. The university provides the student with many features which help the student to get trained in many areas such as:

  • aerobic classes
  •  indoor track
  •  16-lane indoor pool

15. Dartmouth University:

The university aims toward the student having inclusive learning. The Dartmouth university includes a library, the hood museum of art, and the Hopkins center for the arts. It organizes many events such as The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio in which you learn the following things-

  • Introduction to Jewelry Casting
  •  Medi Quick
  •  Mindfulness Drop-In Summer Session

Students who are living in the residence halls or the students who are living in apartments both stay connected with campus life. You can enjoy the experience of eating local, sourced foods, specialty dishes, etc.

16. University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania focuses on the student for further discovery and does whatever is the passion of the student. The administrators manage both classes intellectually and practically.

The University of Pennsylvania consists of a Penn museum in which student who has an interest in art and culture can go there to get explore. It makes sure of every student’s health and wealth and they also provide support to students who need any help with it such as they provide students with dental medicine and the University of Pennsylvania health system.

17. Duke University:

Duke University makes the students build their personalities with many skills that the student can use during the there life. the university makes sure that every student gets support with teg conditions of wealth and health. the university provides the student with a wellness center. the student is provided with support such as

  •  Counseling services.
  •  Psychological services.
  • Wellness Experience.
  • Healthcare service.

18. Yale University:

Yale University was founded in 1701 and till now the university is well known for preparing students for success. The university provides the student with preparation by having many programs, centers, and many organizations. The student of the university has the great opportunity provided by the university by having research centers, a center for global legal challenges, an economic growth center, a center for infectious modeling, a center for medical informatics, etc.

19. University of Notre dame:

The University of Notre Dame is one of the universities that have beautiful campuses. it consists of good architecture, landscape parks, and many more. The student of the university can participate in the events like athletes or art and culture. The university consists of 28 campus eateries and also has 500 student clubs and groups, with 5 recreation venues. the student is also given support as financial during the admission or fee submission of student which is approximately $47800. 

20. University of Arizona:

The University of Arizona gives the students support with financial and it has given financial help to 9 out of 10 students. The university consists of 600 student clubs and organizations which make students develop interpersonal skills. the university of Arizona also consists of Spring Fling, the largest student carnival. the university organized many programs for the students.

21. Cornell University:

Cornell University is awarded many awards as per a report in 2020 total of $281 awards was awarded to the university. The university makes the student of graduate school 97% of support in research in Ph.D. programs. the university aims for the student to have critical thinking and self-discovery. the university consists of 100 diverse clubs, and groups so that the student can understand the programs and develop skills in them. the student can also participate in art and culture who are interested, start a dance group for exploring their creativity.


as a student who wants to get admission to a college or university in which the administration focus not only on the study but also organizes programs and events which make the student develop interpersonal skills. The student is interested in athletics and social programs and they will suggest the parents get admission according to all the perspectives.


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