List of Top 11 Easiest University Degrees in the UK

Choosing which degree you would want to study in university is it difficult task. Some may advise you to take a tough degree others might advise you to take the easiest degree. Therefore choosing one is a difficult task. However, this article will help you to find out the easiest University degrees that you can take in the UK.

The most easiest University degrees that you can study in the UK are Hospitality Management, psychology, education, and creative writing. Give a read to the flowing article to know more about the different easiest degrees that you can take in the UK.

Top 11 Easiest University Degrees in the UK

There are many different A-levels that you will be taking during your sixth form. Just like it, you will have the option of choosing the course for the degree. However, you must try to get first-class honors in the degree you have chosen. Following are the 11 easiest University degrees that you can take in the UK-

1. Hospitality management

Nowadays, degrees in hospitality management are highly desired all around the world. It also frequently has less rigorous entrance standards than most other degrees. It will assist you in gaining an understanding of essential hospitality legalization and processes as well as critical business skills. If you want to work in business or hotel management in the future, this is a fantastic alternative.

2. Creative writing

It is an excellent option for you if English fans are creative writing. This course is undoubtedly for you if you would like to develop your creative skills. This course is very challenging compared to other courses in a degree program. The goal of creative writing degrees is to give you the technical skills you need to advance your existing skills. There are no fixed A-levels that you need to have, though having English is definitely a beneficial subject for you.

3. Psychology 

It is also known as the science of the brain and behavior. It is a popular major that can help you to get a variety of careers. You might be examining the brain in forensic detail or other topics depending on the modules you select. The fact that psychology is applicable to so many different professions is one of the reasons it is regarded as an easy pick. You can find a lot of high-paying jobs by taking a degree in psychology. 

4. Education

Although graduates typically go into teaching with this degree, you can still get into a variety of jobs. If you have always dreamed of becoming a teacher, you must take an education degree. Most universities typically set minimum entry requirements and that is why this degree is again an easy degree to get in the UK. You will be studying topics that will help to increase your teaching skills.

5. Graphic Designing

If you enjoy being creative, you might want to think about earning a degree in graphic design. These degree programs frequently emphasize the value of conceptual thinking when it comes to branding, packaging, and digital design. This is again a degree that does not require a lot of entry requirements. It is one of the most popular degrees as almost every business needs interesting and engaging graphics for increasing their sales.

6. Film studies

Film Studies is simply an interesting and enjoyable major. You must study, watch, evaluate, and make films. As there are no challenging scientific or math courses it is again one of the easiest courses that you can do. You will watch a variety of moving images, documentaries, or fiction feature films during your degree. Analyzing the movie’s cinematography, sound, props, lighting, etc is what you will have to do.

7. Hair and Makeup 

Degrees in hair and makeup give you the practical knowledge you need to work on. You can work in a variety of fields, including fashion, theatre, etc. With the help of this degree, you can become a  wedding makeup artist, theatrical makeup artist, hair designer, special effects makeup, etc. You can find this degree in various universities both online and offline.

8. Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts degrees will help you to develop communication and critical thinking skills. As it has a broad nature, it can get you various interesting careers. You don’t have to concentrate on topics that you don’t find interesting due to the degree’s structure. Thus it makes the program easier as compared to others. The subject also includes practical activities like participation in sports, music, etc.

9. English literature

A degree in English literature is definitely for you if you enjoy reading good books. English literature is a demanding subject that requires a lot of writing. It is also extremely creative and satisfying for readers. Its paper has no right or incorrect answers, I t all depends on how well you construct your case and provide evidence for it. English literature might lead you in many different directions if you are unclear about your career goals after college. You can become a writer, editor, teacher, journalist, etc.

10. Philosophy

If you wanted to keep your choices open after college, philosophy can be an excellent degree to pursue. Philosophy majors frequently end up working as lawyers, bankers, executives in the business world, or even teachers. Thus having philosophy as a degree can help you get into various high-paying and good careers. If you have lower UCAS points you can still get admission to this degree as many universities allow you to enter with low UCAS points.

11. Religious studies

It is a subject that gives you insight into cultures all across the world. You will develop a deep understanding of and perspective on the many religions and how they contrast with one another. You’ll learn how to analyze different religious texts and traditions. To study for this degree, you don’t have to be religious. In fact, if you are not very well-versed in other religions around the world, you may find it very fascinating.


When you are choosing the degree for you, you might get a lot of advice on which degree you must select. Most of the advice that you would have gotten would be selecting tough subjects as they are high paying. But this is all myth and choosing easy degrees could also help you to land high-paying jobs. Some of the common easy degrees are religious studies, graphic designing, hospitality management, etc. Above is the list of different degrees that are easy and at the same time will help you to get high-paying jobs.

William Christie