List of Top 15 Easiest A-levels

Choosing the right A-levels is very essential, as your university admission and even the selection for the job are dependent upon them. However, choosing an easier A-level along with the two main subjects will help you in saving your time and get good grades in them. Thus this article will help you in finding out about the easiest A-levels that you can take.

The easiest A-levels that you can take along with the main A-levels are religious studies and drama. However, to know some of the easier A-levels give read the following article.

Top 15 easiest A-levels

Although when you fail an A-level due to taking a hard A-level you will have to resit for them. But still, you must know the easy A-levels that will help you to get good grades in the A-levels. Following are the top easy levels that you can take to support your two main A-levels

1. Sociology

The sociology A-Level is simpler than the others. You have a good chance of performing really well if you make an effort to study the concepts. A lot of content, so it’s a good idea to come up with techniques to memorize the theories. Making your own videos or creating flashcards is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Using this revision technique causes you to automatically understand the material as you will be creating them according to your understanding. The areas you study are very well connected, making Sociology a simpler A-Level. You will be learning topics like feminist theories, types of families, etc which are related to daily life. 

2. Law

The content in A-level law may look tough but fortunately, it is very easy to understand. The only thing that you will feel is tough is the amount of content you will have to study. It required less amount of independent study when compared to other A-levels.

The passing rate for this subject is about 96.2% which is quite high. If you have a good memory and critical thinking abilities you will find the subject very easy. As you can see that the pass rate is not 100% this means that there are a few exceptions that may find it hard. When you are doing law, the content of the first year of your A-level will have easier content to study. You will be finally taking these A-levels, in the years 12 and 13.

3. Art

If you are creative and love doing art then this subject is for you. You will find both writing and producing creative things. When you create the artwork you will have to evaluate each piece of art and will have to give details about what you have done good and bad in that art.

In addition to it this, you will also have to create a portfolio for every piece of artwork you created. The passing rate for the subject is about 98.8% which is impressive and is also one of the easiest GCSEs. If you are good at writing then you must go for taking the subject. This A-level is so easy that you can take it even if you do not take it at the GCSE level. However, taking this subject at GCSE will help you a lot in your A-levels. 

4. Archaeology

Again an interesting subject and of course easier one. There is not much content that you will need to study in this course. If you had taken history as your GCSE and you love that then definitely this is the subject that will work for you. The biggest reason why this subject is available at different schools is that many students want to pursue a career in archaeology. When you are taking this subject you must make sure that you are really interested in taking this subject.

If you are able to do independent study and are highly motivated then this course is very easy for you. To get the course content or you need to have critical thinking abilities. This subject is best for you if you are interested in finding out more about historical monuments and about the dead remains of living creatures. If you are still finding it a difficult subject, you must try to change the subject before it is too late.

5. Drama

Drama allows for both academic and practical study, giving you a wide curriculum. In order to design and perform your live theater play, you will work with your classmates as part of the course’s practical component. The theoretical part of the course requires you to read plays and compose essays based on your research.

A-Level Drama offers a 50/50 split between exams and coursework or practical performance work. However, because there aren’t many work opportunities available to you, this may not be one of the common A-levels that you may take. If you will look at the passing rate it is around 99.8% which is the highest one.

6. Textiles

There are the A-levels that are much easier than the English or maths A-levels (which need a separate calculator). The content in this subject is more practical and hand on content. If you are a person who does not find it easy to give exams then you must go for choosing this A-level.

You will need to create a portfolio of all the activities that you have done throughout the course of two years. This portfolio will cover 60% of your marks in the exams. You will be working with the different types of fabric and material in this subject. Your exam will be ten hours long in which you will be creating something related to your course content. 

7. Design and technology

This is a subject that involves both technology and creativity. In this subject, you will be studying the content that is related to technology and how you can use it for producing engaging graphics. The passing rate for this subject is around 97% which is too good. However, just like the A-level art, you will have to create a portfolio for this subject. This means that you will need to give time to ace this subject. You will have to create different projects and need them to be evaluated. Further, you can also try taking up more than a single A-level that will help you to study from two different sixth forms.

8. Geography

Geography is a much easy and reputable subject which is taken by many students along with other subjects. There is not much content on this subject and also the content is not that too hard. This subject does not need a lot of independent revision and therefore you do not need to put a lot of time into learning the content.

The passing rate for this subject is again too high i.e. 98.7%. if you are interested in knowing more about nature this is one of the subjects that will be full of interest for you. However, by seeing the passing percentage you must not believe that you will not need to do a lot of hard work. There may be chances that you may miss the exam and at such time you must remember that you will have to resit for it next year.

9. Film studies

Again an easy A-level and of course the interesting one. This is the perfect A-level for you if you want to develop your career in filmmaking. The best part of this A-level is that you will have to watch the movies to get clear on this subject. You will have to notice the lightning and other factors of the movie.

The difficult part of this subject is that you will have to write about the movies that you have asked to watch. This means that even the difficult part is enjoyable. All you need to do is watch the movie carefully and write about its specifications in a more effective manner. However, one thing that you must consider is that you will have to watch movies that are the sixth feature lengthy.  

10. Business studies

This is one of the subjects that may look difficult to some of the students. The passing rate for Business studies is about 98%. You will be studying the content related to how big organizations work. The course content that you will be covering in this course is related to marketing, fundamentals of finance, team structures, etc. To ace, this exam all you need to have is critical thinking and strong memory. All the questions that you will see in the exams are based on real-life case studies and real-life scenarios.

The assessment and examination for this A-level are similar to the format of GCSE. You will find multiple-choice questions, lengthy answers, and calculations-based questions. This means that you will have to deal with all types of questions in order to succeed in the subject. This GCSE is great for you if you want to become an accountant.

11. Food studies

This is a subject that is very easy and the content is not that long. The content in this subject is similar to its GCSE. In this subject, you will be studying content related to different foods. The passing rate for this subject is 98.5%. This shows how easy this subject is. However, you must notice that this is the easiest subject and universities don’t really consider it as their requirement. Therefore you should take the subject only to focus on their 2 main subjects.

This is the subject that is taken as a third option by many students. In the course content, you will be learning how to make healthy meals having different values. This means that you will be elevated in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

12. IT

The content that you will get in your A-level is similar to its GCSE content. Of course, there will be some content that you will need to learn. However, the content is simple and easy to understand. You will be learning more about the digital world and answering questions based on it.

There are generally three exams that you will take for A-level IT. The first two exams will take place in one year and the third exam in the last year. Exams in your first-year help to test half your knowledge and the rest of the knowledge is tested in your second year. You will also have to do some coursework which is only 20% of your entire A-level.

13. Religious studies

Religious study is one of the easiest A-level taken by students. The passing rate for this subject is 99%. This shows how easy the content of this subject has. You will have to create a balance between different arguments. There is not much content in your A-level religious studies. You will find only some of the theories and concepts in it.

The best part of this subject is that you will not have to worry about the coursework of this subject. Therefore if you do not like the coursework then this subject is definitely for you. You can keep it as your third choice which will help you to focus on your two main subjects. It is one of the least popular A-level also as many do not consider taking it up.

14. Classical civilization

In classical civilization, you will be studying different texts that are from the ancient world. You will need to study stories and their meaning of them from ancient times. There are generally three parts that you will be studying in this subject- The world of the hero, Culture and arts, and Beliefs and ideas.

The world of the hero will involve the tales from the ancient writers that you will be studying. Culture and arts where you will be learning about ancient temples, artwork, paintings, etc. Belief and ideas are the part that will cover the topics related to different religions, poetry, etc. 

15. Health and social science

This is a subject that is much easy and has great involvement in practical knowledge. Technically this is the subject that is considered a BTEC subject. Thus this means that taking this subject is equal to 2 A-levels. The thing why it is considered an easy subject is because of the practical content involved in it. So if you are not a student who loves to study great theoretical concepts, this is a perfect option for you.

You should take this course because it will help you to get a quick start with your career if you do not want to go for higher studies. Almost all universities accept BTECs and therefore taking such type of subject will help you to get into a university with a similar course. The passing rate for this subject is 100% which is of course the highest of all and also 69% of the students scored distinction in it. 


When you are taking up your A-levels it is important for you to choose the right A-levels including both hard and easy A-levels. This is because taking up the easier A-levels will give you the time for preparing for the two main A-levels. There are several easiest A-levels like drama, religious studies, food studies, textiles, etc that you can take up.

William Christie