Med School Diversity Essay

Medical school secondary essays are generally misunderstood by most students. We can say that med school secondary application is the number of essays and one essay that becomes more common is called a diversity essay. The student writing the med school diversity essay needs to understand first what is the meaning and why the student needs to write the med school diversity essay.

Med school diversity essay is a way of presenting the student quality in the career of medicine to the admission committees and impressing them with your unique quality. Let us understand how can give you a perfect diversity essay for a med school.

How to write a med school diversity essay?

You should not get tense while writing a secondary essay as it is written in the same way other essays are written. You can also write a mini essay for it. The following things should be considered for writing a med school diversity essay-

Write what makes you unique

Here the student should explain the experiences that make the student unique from others. You can explain about education, extracurricular activities, family member, the work experience you have, gender, etc. The following are some questions that you can ask yourself before starting to write the secondary essay.

  • By asking yourself who you are, and what experience can define you.
  • What can differentiate you from others?
  • How you have overcome the challenges and any sort of rejection in your life.
  • Have you ever helped a person to the best in the stage of any illness or disability?
  • Have work experience in serving a diverse population.
  • Any military family background or served in the military.
  • What was your family thinking about you?
  • Any traveling experience.
  • What is the work experience and what are skills developed during the job?

Pick the experience that completes the essay prompt.

 The essay should not consist of all the overloaded experiences. Instead of it try to explain the experience one or a few that describe your life experiences more. The reader who is going to read the essay does not focus on the quantity but sees the quality of the essay experience. Also, the essay prompts to have a limited character that varies according to the different requirements of the institution.

Outline for an essay

The structure of the secondary essay is the same as any other essay. You must start it in the way the essay is started. Following is the way of writing it.

Include introduction:

While the reader is reading your introduction the reader should be clear about what to expect from the essay. The essay introduction should be in a way that makes the reader interested in reading the essay body further.

The body of the essay:

The body of the med school diversity essay contains the experience of life that makes you unique from others. It should be like storytelling. You don’t need to write the experience overloaded rather than try to write one or a few quality experiences. 

Write Conclusion:

The conclusion includes the summary of the essay as writing it in a way that the reader has a strong impression after they read it.

Make draft:

For beginning the draft, write down the notes and outline that will help you to write the essay without any confusion. If the person wants to get the result perfect it involves hard work. If the first draft outcome was not good, don’t get worried, write the next draft until the result satisfies you. The body of the essay should contain strong examples that have explained to the reader your diverse background.

Editing of the essay:

After the writing of the essay goes with editing the essay such as checking the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, etc. There are tools like Grammarly which can help you to find out grammatical errors in the essay. While reading the essay the flow of the essay should not break from the introduction to the body, to the conclusion everything should be like telling a story that makes sense.

The experience that is written should be in a sequential way so that readers understand it easily. make someone read your essay so that the mistake is overheard by you and the improvement is done.

Why do schools need diversity essays?

As for medical schools, a diversity essay makes the candidate acceptable clear as it makes a clear picture of the candidate whom to accept according to the background, skills, work and life experience which make the candidate have a unique perspective about them. as the student who is selected will become as a leader in further health care professionals so they want a candidate who can handle this profession.

What are the things to be avoided while writing the diversity essay?

  • You should avoid spelling mistake, grammar errors 
  • Try to write the essay in professional language, write like a story, and don’t highlight any negative outlooks.
  • Right the challenges and rejection that you have faced and what you learned from the experience.


For writing the secondary essay make sure to first read the compulsory guidelines for the essay as per the character limit and the length. Make the reader get interested after reading the introduction paragraph only so the reader can stop himself from reading the essay further. try to write the experience that makes sense to your medical term and write the skill that was built in you after facing rejection or challenges. write out did you overcome the situation. try to add that part of the experience that makes you unique from others.

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