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As a student, you have to deal with a lot of things like studying, exams, and assignments. Sometimes the student misses submitting the assignment on time due to various reasons. but many students do this intentionally. the student should always try to complete the assignment on time. Therefore it is important to know the things students do if they forgot to submit an assignment.

Starting with you must try to submit it anyway. You can try to give a good excuse and could for an extension of time. Also, you must not blame any other person for your late submission and try to give it on time. Further, you can learn about these things in detail.

What are the possible things a student does if they forgot to submit an assignment?

Following are the things that you can do if you forget the assignment-

1. Try to submit in any way:

The student should try to submit the assignment in any possible way. As sometimes the student forgets to submit the assignment after even completing the assignment needs to submit the assignment as soon as possible.

The student can go to talk to the teacher about the late submission and the teacher, if finds the excuse genuine, will accept the assignment if the student goes to talk to the teacher after getting late for 4 or 3 hours to submit the assignment.

2. Giving earlier alert:

If a student gets to know that he may get late, the best thing the student can do is by telling the teacher earlier that he will not be able to submit the assignment on time. But need to give a genuine reason for not being able to submit. If the teacher finds the reason genuine the teacher may give you relaxation by not detecting the marks.

3. Requesting for the extension:

The student can request the professor on the consulting subject to give an extension on the date of submitting the assignment. But the student needs some reason that the professor will listen and grant you some extension in submitting the assignment.

4. Giving a good excuse:

The student needs to give an excuse that the teacher cannot deny and provide some relief in submitting the assignment. Excuse such as any health issue, family problem, or unavoidable things that happen to the teacher can’t be ignored.

5. Don’t blame others:

The Teacher doesn’t like it when the student blames the institution or the time shortage given for not being able to submit the assignment on time. So don’t try to give excuses that irritate the teacher more. The student should take full responsibility for not being able to submit the assignment on time and should first apologize for not submitting the assignment and then start to give the reason.

6. Must submit the assignment:

Even if you are to submit the assignment on time always try to give the assignment by completing it and submitting it even if the student is late. It will be beneficiary for the student only the teacher will not give a total of zero marks for late submission and will have the point that you can complete it.

Why does the student get late submitting the assignment? – Missed assignment

Following are the reasons why the student may get late-

1. Got confused about the deadline date:

Mostly the student always tries to complete the assignment and submit it on time. but fails to submit due to mixing or confusion of the deadline date. giving this reason is also best for the student. but if you are the only student that is not able to submit the assignment then the teacher will blame you for not being attentive in class and can say that you would have confirmation from the students or the instructor again.

2. Family problem:

The student may have a family issue and they are not able to submit the assignment on time. It can be anything like an accident, health issue, etc that causes the student to deal with the mental issue also as a result the student will not be able to concentrate on the assignment completion.

3. Power cutoff:

If the student has completed the assignment and waits for the last day to get the print and hardcopy of the assignment. But if there is no power to print, type, or get the hard copy on that last day. the students will not be able to submit the assignment on time. This reason only works for the short duration of giving the assignment after the deadline. The teacher may not believe it if the student takes more days to submit the assignment.

4. Suffering from illness:

 If the student is suffering from any health issue then it will become impossible to submit the assignment on time. So the best option is to tell the in charge of the assignment before only that due to the health issue it will be not possible to submit the assignment on time. so that the teacher may give some concession of time for submitting the assignment.

Causes of late submitting the assignment:

  1. It depends on the rules of the institution; some deduct the marks from the total marks when the student fails to submit the assignment on time.
  2. Some are ordered not to accept the assignment of the student who is not able to submit before the deadline as instructed and directly give them zero marks.
  3. Not being able to submit the assignment on time causes overall poor grading. This may also leave a negative impact on other teachers as your professors may talk about you in front of other teachers as well.


The student usually misses submitting the assignment intentionally or has a genuine issue. the student needs to explain the reason why the student was not able to submit the assignment and if the professor feels the reason is genuine will give some concessions such as not detecting the marks, giving the student more days to complete the assignment or relief in assignment length. But the student should always try to complete the assignment on time and be honest with the professor.

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