6+ Best Online Gradebooks to Make Teachers Lives Easier In 2024 (Updated)

As a teacher, I have to maintain records of the student’s achievements, attendance, grades, etc. In the world of eLearning, it has become tough for teachers like me to maintain them. But thanks to online grade books, our burden is now Now I can easily get all the records and also give my students the assignments at a single place. However, finding the perfect one was a difficult task for me. I know as a teacher, you do not have much time to use all of the available grade books. To save your time, I am sharing some of the best online grade books that made my life too easy.

6+ Best Online Gradebooks to Make Teachers Lives Easier In (Updated)

What are online gradebooks?

Online Gradebooks are the teacher’s online database of their students’ assignments, lessons, scores, and progress. It is also sometimes known as an electronic grade book. A grade book program automates grade recording, evaluates your student’s performance, attendance tracking, and much more.

Preparing a gradebook for a whole class is quite a difficult task for teachers. Though thanks to the online gradebooks platform you can make it very easily. These are so simple and easy to use that the parents of your student can also use them. If you want to share the study material with the students it can easily be done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

7 Best Online Gradebooks to Make Teachers Lives Easier

Online classes may sometimes become boring for the students and may increase the workload of the teachers. To help out the teachers there are a lot of online gradebooks that can help them. Given below is the list of the top 7 online gradebooks that will help you make your life easier-

1. TeacherEase

TeacherEase is a free gradebook that is especially for teachers. Both conventional and standards-based grading techniques are supported by this platform. Through this online gradebook, you may simply save time. You can also keep track of a student’s progress, and interact with parents. It also enables you to keep logs of students’ behaviour and attendance. The gradebook’s information is always updated without any additional work on your part. For parents without online access, progress reports are also available as printable documents. It makes things easily accessible. Further when you are taking the assignments by the students try to use plagiarism detectors like SafeAssign to know if you are having any copied content.

6+ Best Online Gradebooks to Make Teachers Lives Easier In (Updated)

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is a top-notch social e-learning platform that links students with their parents and teachers. A welcoming environment for knowledge sharing is provided by Edmodo. It enables you to monitor online conversations, polls, motivational strategies, etc. It offers a web-based assignment distribution and grading system with useful commenting features. Additionally, Edmodo offers fun quizzes with a variety of options and choices. If you are teaching in a virtual learning setup, it is extremely important to have these grade books to keep all the records. Further, they may also use proctor software like respondus along with it to prevent cheating.

3. Markbook

Markbook is used to keep track of and report on students. The solution is offered in two versions: a paid offline Windows version and a cloud-based Windows and Mac version. The second version will require an annual subscription plan. The software in this platform is user-friendly.

It enables your students to prepare individual and group reports with ease. It also helps you to use it to monitor and assess student performance.  Additionally, you can use adjustable weighting, which helps you to evaluate and improve student achievements. You can also use Safeassign along with it to know if the students have added any copied content in the assignments.

4. Alma

Alma is an all-in-one package of cloud software that claims to simplify every aspect of education, including grade reporting, lesson planning, etc. You can also conclude that it includes both  SIS and LMS together. The Alma online gradebook may compute grades based on teacher-specified weights, just like other alternatives.

5. Learnboosts

It is another free online grade book for teachers in the world of the digital education system. Anyone can use it without any technological expertise. It has a clear and basic user interface, which helps you to use it easily. It gives you the ability to run your classroom, monitor student grades, administer exams, etc. You can also design and manage lesson plans or create timetables for your students. If utilized properly, this platform can be a benefit for you as a teacher.

6. Schoology

Schoology is a well-known LMS network just like Canvas. Schoology provides you with a simple user interface for marking up student work. You can examine students’ papers, respond in text or video, and record grades using the grading tool. Score updates happen quickly and automatically, just like with all popular electronic grade books. By providing an access code, students and parents can quickly self-enrol in a Schoology class. The results are easily accessible for review once they are in. The course analytics helps you to evaluate students’ overall development.

7. iGradePlus

iGradePlus is a free online gradebook that is reliable, secure, and affordable. This online gradebook is a useful option for a range of professors. Thanks to its configurable and comprehensive features, it is one of the easiest platforms to use. You will also get features that include extensive student and parent communication tools and school management tools. In addition to that grade management, attendance and behavior tracking are the other tools that are available on it. There is a free version and trial offered for this platform.


Online grade books have become a part of a teacher’s life, especially during this online learning time. It is one platform where you can keep the records of your students. You can track the attendance of the student, give them assignments, keep a record of their grades, etc. Online gradebooks are like a mixture of LMS as well as SIS together. With the availability of a lot of online gradebooks, this article will help you to specifically focus on the best 7 gradebooks that are useful. 

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