Top 8 reasons why students drop out of medical college

Getting admission to medical schools is tough. But to cope with medical colleges and education is tougher. Many students take up admission to med colleges but end up getting stressed and dropping out of college.

There are different factors due to which students may want to drop out of medical college. It may be because of high tuition fees, wrong career choices, learning disorders, etc. Though we will be further discussing the different reasons for dropping out, first let us learn about the dropping rate of medical school.

What is the rate of med school dropouts?

The percentage of students that fail to finish the course is known as the dropout rate. Since it might be difficult to track dropout rates in percentages, a lot of the data must be interpreted with caution. Most medical school students drop out in their first year. A shocking fact here is students in their final year also drop out of college. If we see, there is an overall 10% of students drop out. However, accurate numbers are difficult to determine. 

Top 8 reasons why students drop out of medical college

The following are the factors why most students get a drop out of medical college-

1. Wrong career choice

Many students take up the medical stream just because they think they want to become doctors. But actually, they might just be fascinated with the lifestyle of other doctors and have different abilities. Such students gradually learn about what is their actual potential and drop out of med college.

You must try to explore yourself before applying to any college. Try to know what you want to do and choose your career accordingly. Due to it you may also start thinking that it is a scam.

2. Academic capacity

Not every student is as good at biology as in other science-related subjects. Many students think that if they are best at Physics and Chemistry, they can easily take up a medical college. But this is not true. To get into medical college you must know biology. The best way to determine if you are academically capable of medicine or not is by taking the Medical College Admission Test. Sometimes it is not the students but the teachers who are not able to teach properly.

3. Change in lifestyle

When you are admitted to medical colleges, you spend around 8-10 years of life in medical schools. The way you live also changes. Till the time you have joined the medical college, you may have time to travel, enjoy movies, etc. But when you join medical school your life changes, and you become busier with your studies.

Various students are not able to cope with the change in the way they were living earlier. They need both financial and emotional support as they were getting it earlier. Students must use student planners to manage their free time. Sometimes students also get into colleges that do not have much good atmosphere. This may be the same case for you and thus you must choose the college that has happy students.

4. High tuition fees

There is no doubt that to attend a medical school, you need to pay high tuition fees. Also along with high tuition fees, there are other related expenses that the students have to take care of. Although there are also various financial aids that the students get from various institutions. But some students have to do a part-time job to pay their fees and also expenses.

It becomes difficult for many students to create a balance between doing part-time work and studying. Various studies show that high tuition fees are one of the greatest factors, why most medical college students drop out of college.

5. Family pressure

Many parents want their kids to become doctors. As a result, they take admission to it. Many students take up medical college just because of family pressure. Consequently, the students start getting stressed regarding it and end up dropping out of it. Also sometimes families compare their children with others. This also makes the student feel stressed and causes a sense of depression in them.

6. Learning disorders

Some students have various learning disorders. Many parents do not understand this thing and think that their students are not simply giving attention to their studies even when they are trying hard to do it. Such students need counselors to get rid of such disorders. If you are facing such issues don’t be shy to talk to your family. They will surely listen to you and help you in the best way they can.

7. Length of the college time

Medical college life is generally about 4 years and after that, you need to do residency work for 3 to 4 years. There are chances that you may be married or even have a family when you enter medical school. If you are a student at medical school you have to sacrifice many things in your life. You may also get late to class many times. Due to this reason, you might lose interest in your studies causing you to drop medical school. You also think that you may nit get much free time in college and thus may not want to go to college.

8. Not able to adjust to the college

You may need to spend 7 – 8 years of your life to achieve medical college. This means that you are giving almost 10 years of your life to a specific college. You need someone with whom you can talk. Many students feel difficulty adjusting to college. You may not be able to make new friends and as a result, may start lacking the feeling of attending college. 


It becomes difficult when you make any wrong decision in your life. Similarly, when you are not happy with the subjects that you have taken, you may feel stressed and depressed. Many students drop out of medical college even in their final year. There are different reasons why you may also want to drop out. If you are also facing some issues, try to talk to someone before making your choice to drop out.

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