Should a thesis or the word internet be capitalized?

While writing a research paper you have to keep your thesis in your mind. The thesis is the statement of the argument that you are proving in your article. You may know how to write the paper, but do you know how to write the thesis statement? Whether to capitalize the thesis or the word internet.

You can always capitalize some words in your thesis statements depending on the need. Your thesis won’t appear in academic writing if you write it in capital letters. Further, we have discussed in detail if the thesis should be capitalized or not.

Is a thesis capitalized? – Should a thesis or the word internet be capitalized?

A thesis is never capitalized as it does not look professional or academic. Only keywords or phrases that are permitted should be capitalized. Also, keep in mind that any word will only be capitalized if it complies with English grammar’s criteria. Your thesis won’t appear academic writing if you write it in capital letters.

Should a thesis be capitalized?

No, a thesis statement should not be written in capitalized form. This is because it is against the basics of academic writing. When you are writing the thesis in the capital, it makes it go out of tone. The only thing that you need to remember is to deliver your thesis statement. Nothing more than that.

Although if you find it necessary then you can capitalize some words in your thesis statement. But remember articles, prepositions, and conjunctions found within the middle of the thesis should never be capitalized.

Words that can be capitalized

You can always capitalize some words in your thesis statements depending on the need and tone of the paper. Following are the words that you may capitalize in your thesis –

1. First Word

When you are writing any sentence your first word is always capitalized. 

2. Proper Nouns

Proper nouns are nouns that tell us about something specific like the names of people, places, universities, etc. Whenever you are using a proper noun you have to keep it in capital letters.

3. Adjective of a proper noun

This means that when you are describing a unique quality about someone. You have to capitalize the proper noun as well. For example, Elon Musk is – World’s richest person. Here the word world is also capitalized.


When you are adding a statement in the quotes, then you must keep the first-word capital. But if you are using quotes to explain a meaning or a partial sentence then you do not need to write the word in capital. 

5. Events

When you are including any kind of historic event in your paper, you need to capitalize it. This is because all the events that have occurred show some relevance in your paper.

Should the word internet be capitalized?

The word Internet is a proper noun and according to the grammar rules, all the proper nouns are capitalized. Therefore, the word Internet will also be capitalized. However when it becomes an adjective for something, then the way of using it also changes. In such a scenario, the internet will not be capitalized. For example “he is an internet-addicted person”. Here internet is not used as a plural noun and thus is not capitalized.

How long should the length of the sentence be?

A thesis statement is only a single sentence long. It is because it needs to be concise and simple. The thesis statement must be a single statement, regardless of how many facts or clauses you intend to defend. As a result, you must consolidate all the sentences into a single statement. The statement must express your position on the subject at hand. Finding a clear method to say it in a single sentence, though, might be difficult. The statement’s length also relies on the kind of writing. If the type of your writing is long then your thesis statement will also be long and vice versa. 

How to write a good thesis statement?

Start with finding out the topic of your paper. You must know what you need to write about. Once you know which topic you want to write your paper on, you must ask yourself what you want to learn about it. Suppose your topic is financial inclusion, you can write about the factors affecting financial inclusion, or something else related to it. When you have decided what you want to study about your topic, start driving the thesis for your paper. Your thesis must only include the central idea of your topic. There is no requirement to write anything else.


When you are writing a research paper it is very important to write every aspect of it properly. Therefore, it is crucial to know what is the right tone and format for writing the thesis in your paper. You must know whether to write the thesis in the capital or not. Although the thesis should not be capitalized there are some words that you may need to capitalize in your thesis.

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