Things you should avoid doing in the Heat of Exam Season

Being a student and getting worried about the exam is common. The student mostly feels stressed during the exam. You have to think about it and plan how you are gonna complete the syllabus.

There are a lot of things that you need to do during the heat of the exam session-

  • Don’t be a Workaholic
  • Don’t be Distracted
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Don’t Over Compensate for Subjects 
  • Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute
  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People
  • Do not revise whenever you feel. 

These points have been discussed in detail further.

Things You Should Avoid Doing in The Heat of Exam Season

The following are the things the person should avoid doing in the heat of exam season:

1. Don’t be a Workaholic

The exams are considered a very stressful time for the students but due to this, the students should not get themself absorb in them completely. The student should not study continuously instead of that the student should give some rest in between hours. Taking a break between them will relax the mind of the student and it will give get the chance to breathe.

2. Don’t be Distracted

A student who starts to study will face a lot of distractions but they should not get distracted and keep their mind focused on their studies. You will be distracted by loud music, food, phone, etc but they should avoid it and should fully concentrate on their study.

But sometimes listening to music at a low volume actually works while studying by keeping the focus on the work. Listening to music will block the other background noises and will help the student to remain focused. Also, try eating food that is good for your brain.

3. Don’t Give Up

There are many students to find the exam one of the hardest things so they do give up in the examination hall. But if they do hard work and the result which they get after it will be worth it. If you are not left with the days, never give up.

You should stay focused till the end and think about finishing the exams and thinking about the future you want ahead this will make the student remain motivated.

4. Don’t Over Compensate for Subjects

When a student does the best in one subject only but they are lacking to study for other subjects resulting it creates difficulty on the result day. So they should not overcompensate for the subjects.

5. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

The student should not think about doing the revision in the last few days left before the exams because doing this will leave the student with little time to learn for the exam. The student does it when they have other distractions more important to them so the student should avoid the other distraction to get more important than the studies for the exam.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

Students should not compare themselves with other students as it will lead students to doubt their abilities and their performance in the exam and it will affect the result of the student. And the student will also not be able to focus on their studies as they were thinking about the other student’s abilities.

Show the students should not compare themselves with the other students, they should try to think about themselves and think about how they can improve more. In the exam, the student only has to sit and give the exam, so stop comparing yourself to other people.

7. Don’t Revise Whenever You Feel

The student should have a schedule for studying and revising and it should be planned before the exam as soon as possible. As having a planned schedule will make the student spend equal time on different subjects.

Sometimes due to some reason, the student will not be able to study according to the plan. If the student is not able to create a good timetable for the revision they can ask the help from their tutor or teacher for helping them to create a timetable that will adjust their studies of different subjects and the break between them. You must also take care of the activities that you are performing in the morning of the day of your exam as it will help you to get positive results during the exams.


The student should always try to remain focused on the studies during the division time. They should avoid all things by which they will get distracted and sit in a place where there is no background sound. The student should not give their whole time to studying as doing extra studies has a disadvantage on the student’s brain too. 


What should a student avoid eating during studying? 

The student should avoid food that are trans fat, intake of sugar and caffeine, etc. 

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