Which Universities Accept Only 2 A-Levels?

It is important to have at least 3 A-levels to get into the university. Therefore you will need to work hard to pass them and get the required results. However, due to different reasons, you may not be able to pass all three A-levels and only have to pass two A-levels. If you are having two A-levels then it may be hard for you to get into the university. Therefore this article will help you to know about different universities that may allow you to get two A-levels.

Some of the most common universities that may allow you to get in with 2 A-levels are De Montfort University, University of Westminister, London Metropolitan University, etc. Further, we have discussed the various universities that will allow you to enter with 2 A-levels.

Universities that allow you two A-levels

Generally, the universities that will allow you to enter with 2 A-levels, will require you to have a minimum amount of UCAS points. There are different ways like taking up different qualifications or learning different skills to gain UCAS points. Following are the top 10 universities that may allow you to get into the university with two A-levels-

1. De Montfort University

This university has various DMU Works programs, due to which it earned the best university/careers service in 2021. Due to it, you will get fantastic help with your job search after you graduate. Most DMU programs demand two or more A-Levels and a minimum number of UCAS points. It shows that in order to qualify for admission to the course, you may need to earn a certain grade in each of your two subjects. Some of the courses that you find here with 2 A-level requirements are-

  • Finance and Investment BSc (Honours)
  • Drama and Theater Art BA (Hons)
  • Degree in Professional Policing BA (Hons)
  • International Business (BA)
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science BSc (Hons)

2. University of Westminister

It ranks in the top 10 universities for teaching in the UK. You can find students from 169 nationalities and there are 183 partners which involve large corporates, charities, etc which shows how good is this university.

  • You can explore different courses provided by this university that need you to have only 2 A-levels.
  • Though most of the full-time courses will require you to have 3 A-levels, you will have to see the requirements of the course first before you apply to it.
  • most common courses that you can find at this university are related to the Arts. So if you are interested in art courses, you must go to this university.

3. West of England University, Bristol

The West of England University, Bristol is a fantastic destination to study because of its outstanding student satisfaction rating. Bristol is a great option for you if you like live music because it also offers a year-round festival schedule. Again, the tariff will primarily determine who can enrol in their courses. Students with two A-Levels can enrol in most courses with a foundation year. In order to enrol in these courses, students must also have a grade of 4 or C in math and English (hard subjects) and a higher grade in the easiest A-levels.

4. London Metropolitan University

This university ranks in 30th position all over the UK based on student satisfaction. You can get undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses based at this university.

  • This university will again allow you to get admission with 2 A-levels, provided that you met the minimum tariff points.
  • There is also a foundation year provided by the university that will help you to have the same level.
  • The best part of this university is that it offers 100% commitment to helping its students.

5. Bournemouth University

The main aim of the university is to make every undergraduate student learn practical skills and thus, their courses are more career-focused.

  • UCAS tariff points are used to determine admission to Bournemouth and other credentials related to satisfying this tariff.
  • This is a fantastic choice for you to take the courses you want. This is because many courses in the university require to have a minimum of two A-Levels or equivalent. 

6. Anglia Ruskin University

Students from 185 different countries travel to study at ARU which is a popular international institution. This university’s graduation prospects score is 73%. For several of Anglia Ruskin’s programs, entry is based on UCAS points. They may be finished in two A-Levels, but make sure to verify the courses’ prerequisites first. Additionally, keep in mind that some of the programs do not at all accept AS Levels. Therefore you must check before applying.

7. Bangor University

Another university that needs UCAS points and not just A-levels. Therefore if you only have 2 A-levels with certain grades, you may get admission to the course. However, one thing that you must remember is that they do not consider AS levels.

  • The Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) Institutional Review suggested that this is the institution that provides you with high-quality academics.
  • Furthermore, it is one of the best universities for international students as it provides the best accommodation to the students. 

8. Leeds Beckett University

You can choose courses from this university depending on the UCAS tariffs. You will just need to meet the UCAS tariffs’ minimum requirements. There is no need to have three A-levels (which is equal to a T-level) until you have attained the minimum number of UCAS points. A lot of courses will help you to gain transferable skills. Even though the minimum need is 100 points of the UCAS tariff points, it will vary depending on the courses. You must remember that you may also get into the university without any A-level. But if you were not able to get an A-level, university because you were unable to attend the first year, you must remember that you can take them in a single year.

9. University of Wolverhampton

One of the universities that offer a variety of scholarships to its students. Though to get into this university is quite tough. It is because they have higher requirements to get admission to this university. Therefore they will help you to get into the university by providing you with the foundation year. This university provides you with support based on mock interviews, choice of careers, etc. 

10. Teesside University

This is one of the best universities for you if you have some exciting ideas for starting your own business. It will help you to get funding, facilities, workshops, etc to support you with your business plan. The main idea of this university is to show that your skills are much more important than your grades. However, to get into this university you will need to have the minimum UCAS points to enter. 


To get into the university, you will need to have 3 A-levels. Though it is hard to get into a university with two A-levels, there are still universities that accept 2 A-levels. There are universities that will allow you to get in based on your UCAS points. Universities like the University of Wolverhampton, Bangor University, University of Westminister, etc, will allow you to enter with 2 A-levels. However above are the universities that allow you to enter with 2 A-levels.

William Christie