What are Academic Transcripts and How Do You Get Them?

You will be getting your result before the actual degree. It will be including various documents like transcripts, transfer certificates, etc. These are the documents that are useful in your future and will definitely help you in getting the job or getting in a higher degree. So this article will help you to find out what it is and how can you get it.

In short academic transcript is a document that proves that you have done a degree and will help to know what are the grades of you in every semester. You will have to directly apply it in the educational institution and ask for it. However, you must read it properly to find out about the academic transcription in more depth.

What is academic transcription?

Academic transcription is that you get what the university or college knew as the academic record of all the terms that you have taken during your course or a degree. It will involve all the units and all the grades that you have received so far. These transcriptions will help people to see your growth during the academic year of your degree. When you get the transcription it should be stamped or signed by the head of your university or college.

Usually, you feel receive the degree after your result. During this period of time, you can use your academic transcription in order to apply to the university you want to go to before getting the degree.

How do you get them?

You can apply to the academic transcription directly from the educational institutions you are studying. Your institution will release your academic transcription with all your other documents. Again release date will depend upon the university or the institution you are studying in.

Therefore you must contact your school head or the head of your course to know that you want your academic transcripts. In many cases, you will get your first physical copy free or in some cases, you may have to pay a fee of £10.

What are the things written on the academic transcription?

Following are the things that are written on the academic transcription-

Personal details

Starting with every academic transcription will involve your identification details. It may involve your name, your parent’s name, date of birth, etc. 

Details of your institution

It will involve the details of the institution you are studying in. There may be the name of the institution, contact details, address, etc. 

Details about the course

Just like a Degree Certificate, you may find the name of the course, grades of every semester, your end grade, etc. 

Extra details

There may be also some additional details like the start and end date of the course, the date of receiving the degree, etc.

What is the importance of academic transcription?

It will be used by the higher educational institution to know what grades you have received before you get your final degree. This will help them to decide whether to accept or reject your application. Though it may look like an ordinary document the fact is this is the document without which you may not be able to apply to the university. Therefore if you do not have it with you, you must try to get one from your institution.

Can you get a replacement for transcription?

Yes, you can easily get the transcription replacement if you have lost the documents. All you need to do is to get in contact with the head of the school or the course. If you have lost a digital copy then it will much easier process than losing a hard copy. When you will ask the head they may be able to manage it with much less time.

However, if you have lost the hard copy of the transcription you may find it harder.
First, you will need to contact the institution itself. After it, you will need to ask the board on which you have given the exam so that you can get the application easily. However, if you want to get a replacement for it you may have to pay a fine of £7 – £15.

How to keep the transcript safe?

Generally, there are two types of transcripts- Digital and Hard copy. Therefore you must know how to save it properly-

Digital Copy 

When you get your digital copy, the first thing that you should do is download it several times in different folders. But you must make sure that the folders you have kept in are easily accessible and are saved in a safe place. 


You must remember that these documents are an essential part of your life and you must keep them in a place that is safer. Starting with you must organize the place where you are keeping all your documents. Try to have a separate locker or a drawer where you are keeping your documents in which you are keeping them. Put them in a folder that is waterproof so that they are not destroyed and are safe.


An academic transcript is a document in which you will be getting the record of the grades and the subjects per term that you got during the academic year. It is the one that you will get before you actually get the degree. In it, everything along with your personal details can be found. It may also involve information about your institution. You can either use it on the digital or hard copy. These documents can be used for applying to a job or at a higher institution till the time you will get your final degree.

William Christie