What Are GCSE Mock Exams?

GCSEs are the first qualification that you will have to take and thus you may be worried about them. Your GCSEs are generally taken in the years 11 and 12. When you are in your years 11 and 12. Many of you may be confused about how GCSE exams will take place. And thus you may want to look for previous exams. To help you with this most of the schools will take your GCSE mock exams before your GCSEs to help you know what it looks like to sit in a final examination. However, we will help you to know everything about GCSEs in detail.

Quick Takeaways

  • GCSE mock exams are the ones which your school will take before having the actual GCSE exam.
  • The main benefit of this exam is to help you know how much have you prepared for the final exam.
  • It will help you to revise your studying and revision techniques for the final exam.
  • One of the exams is generally taken at the end of year 10 in the months of May, June or July and the Second in the month of December of year 11.

The result of these mock exams is not used for final GCSE exams.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important information on the GCSE mock exams.

What are GCSE mock exams?

Mock exams are the ones which schools or institutions take before the actual exam. Similarly, GCSE mock exams are the ones which your school will take before having the actual GCSE exam. There are many students who do not take them, seriously as they are not the actual exams. However, you must not do this mistake. This is because taking the mock exams seriously can help you a lot in your final examination. If you have taken GCSE language, your mock will help you to practice for it. You will have to sit for the exams after taking the GCSE mock and resit for them when you miss the exam.

Are mocks important for GCSE?

Without any doubt having a GCSE mock have a great help in GCSE exams. Following are the main benefits of having the GCSE mock exams-

  • When you are going for GCSE mock exams, it will help you to know how much you have prepared for your final exams.
  • You can practice a lot for your GCSE exams which will help you to score better in your GCSEs.
  • These exams will help you to revise your studying and revision techniques for your final GCSE exams.
  • During your preparations, there may be some topics that you may have skipped. Thus when you are attending the GCSE mock exams you may get to know them.
  • They will also help you in knowing how far you have reached in your final revision for the particular exam.
  • Although taking up GCSEs is not important to take up when homeschooled, there are many students who try to take them up. Thus mocks will help them to know what exams they can expect.
  • These exams will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them before the exam.
  • Sitting for GCSE mocks also helps you to understand what it looks like sitting in the hall for the final examination of GCSE.

Are GCSE mocks tougher than the actual exam?

Mock exams are the exams that are taken for your practice and give you an understanding of what the exam looks like. Thus in most cases especially in Maths and English, the exam set is much tougher than the actual exam. The only goal behind setting up the tough GCSE exam is to make sure that you are studying hard for it. 

When are GCSE mock exams?

You will generally be given two types of GCSE mock interviews –

One at the end of the year 10 in the months of May, June or July

Second in the month of December of year 11

However, this is not the same case for each and every school. Every school has its own dates for taking up GCSE mock interviews. Some schools may decide to take the mocks earlier, whereas some may decide to take them late. Taking the exams early will help them to focus more on studying the subjects in which they are lacking and assigning them late will help them to get the time to study properly. Therefore you must try to contact the subject teacher to know the exam date for the GCSE mock exam for the particular subject. However, the final gems will usually start in the second week of May and end in June mid-late of year 11.

Will the result for GCSE mock exam be required for anything?

Your mock exams are the ones which help to do a lot of practice for the GCSE exams. They are not the real results of your GCSE exams and are only used for predicting the marks in the final examination. They help you to revise for your GCSEs and will not be used to get into further education or university. Further, when you will be getting your final result, you will see a mark equivalent option on it that will help you to understand your grades.

Do schools use previous papers for taking mock GCSE exams?

In most schools, previous papers are considered while creating the GCSE mock exams. It helps to know the nature of the paper and what type of questions can be expected in the current GCSE exam. They mix the questions from past papers along with some of the new topics. However, on the other hand in some schools, the mock exams are created by the teachers themselves. They do not consider old GCSE exams. However, you may take easy GCSEs so that you can focus on hard subjects by revising the old papers.

How to prepare for GCSE mock exams?

The techniques that you use for revising the GCSE mock exams, can also be used for preparing for the final GCSEs. We have discussed some of such ways by which you can revise for both GCSEs like GCSE maths and its mocks-

  • Start revising the notes that you made during the class. It will help you to go through your syllabus easily in less time.
  • Create flashcards, as they will only involve the important points related to the topic. It will help you to revise the content more efficiently. 
  • If you are not sure, where to start, you can always get in touch with your teachers. They will help you to know which topic you must start to study.
  • Make sure to give more time to the subjects that you find are tough in nature. 
  • With the help of the internet, there are a lot of sources by which you can study for GCSEs. Make sure to use them for studying for GCSEs.


GCSE mocks are like demo tests that help you to get prepare for the final GCSE examination. They will help you to predict your final grade for the exam. These exams are much harder than real GCSE exams. They are an important part of your GCSE journey, as they will help you to know which technique you need to follow for your GCSEs. These exams are generally taken during one at the end of year 10 in the months of May, June or July and the second in the month of December of year 11.

When you are preparing for the GCSE mock exams you must try to focus on the subject which you think is tough. You can also think of creating flashcards which will help you to remember the important content related to the topics. 

William Christie