What does SafeAssign percent mean? – SafeAssign percentage meaning

Safeassign is software used mostly in universities or colleges by both teachers and students. They used to compare the work done on assignments, notes, and papers with the previous work submitted by Safeassign, the internet, the global reference database, and the institution doc archive. When you are using safeassign, you will see a percent option. So what does SafeAssign percent mean?

The SafeAssign percentage shown is the originality report that is generated after the work is submitted by the student on SafeAssign. Further, we have discussed SafeAssign percent in detail.

What does SafeAssign percent mean?

The option to view the SafeAssign percentage at the end of work by the student is optional by the instructor. The SafeAssign percentage shown is the originality report that is generated after the work is submitted by the student on SafeAssign. The reports contain the highlighted content that shows the area of the assignment that is being copied for another database whether it is from an institutional document archive or globally referenced. The score generated after submitting is used by the student to improve their writing and the teacher guides them to learn how to write, by adding the author’s name or name of the page at the end of the research page, not just paraphrasing.

What does the SafeAssign score mean?

Safeassign score shows the similarity percentage of the assignment or the work done by the student-written and benign uploaded on the internet and black board’s global database. However, the score cannot determine if the work is plagiarized. It depends on the instructor how to interpret the score with the level of similarity. as the score generated is used differentiated in different levels of similarity which is being matched with sources of originally submitted data and the existing database.

How to check the SafeAssign score?

To check the Safeassign score the document is needed to upload as a draft by the student. If allowed by the instructor is to use Safeassign before submitting the documents the student has the chance to interpret the document and change their score after various attempts. At last, after uploading the document will be scanned and will generate the originality report or final score.

How to interpret and read the SafeAssign score?

After the uploading of the document, the generated final score is the similarity of the content that is shown by highlighting the area. It works like other plagiarism detectors like Patchwork Plagiarism. But is quite tough to interpret the score and improve the area highlighted which indicates a similar context.

Interpreting Safeassign scores:

After viewing the score of the originality report. the score is divided into three different levels of plagiarism.

1. Low SafeAssign plagiarism score:

It occurs when a few common blocks, phrases, or quotes are matched with other works. The low level is below 15%. There are only a few matches against the existing work which may not need further analysis as they may or may not be detected for plagiarism.

2. Medium SafeAssign plagiarism score:

It occurs when the vast area is matched with the existing quote or paraphrasing. medium level is to be considered when it is between 15%-40%. This level indicates the existence of the paraphrase or quote submitted on Safeassign. This level of the score must review the document and change the area being mentioned.

3. High SafeAssign plagiarism score:

The level of the score for plagiarism indicates that most of the content submitted by the student or author is being copied from online sources. Plagiarism above 40% is considered to be a high Safeassign plagiarism score and must be reviewed and changed to indicate the similarity of context is copied.

What is The acceptable SafeAssign score?

The acceptable Safeassign score is commonly considered to be below 15%. the acceptable score differs from one institution to another. Below 15% is sad to be a good similarity score and the safe level score. A score below 15% shows few matching of the content and is reviewed by the instructor and guided. As here 75% of the content written is pure. So scores below 15% are neglected sometimes.

What is a bad SafeAssign score?

The bad Safeassign score is considered above 40%. It shows that most of the content written in the assignment submitted on Safeassign is being matched with the other institutional archive document, global references, or the internet. So this score for the assignment is not acceptable. the percentage shows that the student has not done the work by getting the information and writing in their language.


We can conclude that the SafeAssign plagiarism checker is good or accurate. It detects plagiarism and differentiates it on different levels. only here need to learn how to interpret and read the score and improve the written content before submitting the assignment to the instructor. The accuracy of SafeAssign is between 92%-97% as if the synonyms of the words are used Safeassign will treat them as foreign words and may not show plagiarism in the assignment. The experts in this field like authors, journalist use a method so no plagiarism is detected by plagiarism detection tools.

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