What happens if you fail your 3rd Year at University?

The third year or the final year at university is considered to be the year that has the highest percentage weightage. In the final year, most courses in the university ask the student to write a dissertation in a word range should be from 4000 to 10000. With this, the student has to focus on other modules and have to attend lectures, and have to give exams.

If you have not reviewed the required scores in semester 1, then you can try to get the required scores in semester 2. You may have to think of repeating that year. Another thing that you may think of is dropping out of the university or taking up a gap year. Further, we have discussed all three things that you can do after getting failed in your exams.

What Happens if You Fail Your 3rd Year at University?

When a student fails to get the credits it makes the student fail in their 3rd year at university. If the student gets fails the semester 1 module then there is a chance that the student can give the module retake in the second semester. But if the student fails the second module of semester 2 they will not be able to get 120 credits at the end of the year and thus will fail to get graduate in that year. It may also depend upon the university degree.

During the 3rd year, you will need to submit the dissertations or term papers which are needed to be submitted on the date which is given to you. If you fail to submit it on time you can be penalized for that. There may be a 10% or 20% deduction in your marks depending upon the rules and the regulations of the university.

This may result in losing your merit or distinction position or you may fail in your third year of the university. In such a situation, you may think of retaking the third year or dropping out of the university, or taking up a gap year. Further, we have discussed if you can retake your 3rd year or not after failing it.

Can the student Retake the 3rd Year at University?

If the student fails in the 3rd year at university, the student can retake the exam depending on what subject he failed. It may depend upon the university in deciding if you have to study the whole year again or only for one semester of the university. You have to pay a fee for retaking the exam and if the student has to redo the whole year the student also needs to apply for student finance.

The student should talk to the lecturers or professors to take their guidance and get to know where they lack and what mistakes to be avoided while resitting the exam as the student will not want to fail in the 3rd year at university twice. However, before retaking an exam, you may talk to your professor as they may help you by changing your final grade.

Should You Consider taking a gap year?

Usually taking a gap year is considered a great choice. You can explore various places, you can give yourself time, focus on yourself, and do much more. When we think of taking a gap year, it is generally done before the start of your first year which turns out to be a positive thing for most students.

On the other hand, taking a gap year after completing your 2 years, may become a negative point. Though it may also help you, in most cases it discourages the students to go back to the university and complete the degree.

Should You Consider Dropping Out of University?

Before taking the decision of dropping out of the university the student should talk to their professor and take their advice. You must consider both the other options of retaking the 3rd year or taking up a gap year. In the starting, you will not find getting a degree difficult but after the result gets out and you do not pass the exam, you will find passing the degree is tough.

But you should not give up so easily when you are close to the end of university. As nothing is easy in this life to achieve dropping out at the end of the university will waste the three long years in which you have spent money, time, and energy. So the student should think twice before dropping out at the end of the year at university.

Who Should the Student Speak to After Failing Your 3rd Year at University?

The student will get the result of the 3rd year at university by email. If the student already knows that they have not done well in the exam the student will not be shocked after seeing the result. The student wants to work hard and change their learning technique for students to take advice from their professors and by listening to their situation they may advise the student on what to do and to whom they should speak.

The student should not lose hope as grades are not everything. the student does not decide anything by getting emotional. the student can also talk to their parents and family so that they provide them with support and guidance on what to do next and what not to do.


If the student fails in the 3rd year at university then the student will not be able to graduate and the student has to try it next year. The student should hard work during the years of education at university as the level of the university is very difficult than the lower classes in which the student has to write a dissertation which ranges from 4000 to 10000 words and if the student fails to submit it before the deadline they mark will be deducted from the final grades of the student.


Can students redo the 3rd year if it fails?

There are many options available for the student if they fail in the 3rd year like they can redo the third year or take the year out of university.

William Christie