What are Good and Bad Safeassign Scores? – Interpret the SafeAssign score

SafeAssign is a platform that is used to determine the originality report. It works by comparing the work that is globally available, work uploaded by the student or information database. and a similarity or originality report is generated showing the percentage which is called a SafeAssign score. The SafeAssign score shows the work that is similar to the other works or copied from other sources. The score is interpreted by the professor and they decide whether the assignment with this score will be acceptable or not. So what is a bad safe-assign score?

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick takeaway on the score percentage of safe-assign.

  • If the score you get on safe-assign is 40% or above then it is considered to be a bad score. This means that 40% of your content is copied which is not a good score.
  • On the other hand, if your score is about 10%, then it is a good safe-assign score. It means that most of the content is copied.

However, we have further discussed this in detail.

What is a bad SafeAssign score?

When the student submits the assignment to SafeAssign to generate the similarity report and if the SafeAssign score is 40% or above that indicates that most of the work done by you already exists and the world is being copied. This type of score is called a bad SafeAssign score. is indicate that a very low percentage of the work is done by you even giving the reference to the copied work would not hide the similarity of the work.

What is a good SafeAssign score?

As discussed above safe-assign score is the similarity report found in the content you have uploaded. A good safe-assign score means that you have mostly written the content by your self and is acceptable. If the safe assign score is about 10%, then it is considered to be a good score.

How to interpret the SafeAssign score?

Interpreting the SafeAssign score means how to read the percentage and deciding what percentage of the score is a good SafeAssign score and what is a bad SafeAssign score, what is an acceptable score, and what is not an acceptable score. following the level divided to read a SafeAssign score:

  1. Low SafeAssign plagiarism score.
  2. Medium SafeAssign plagiarism score.
  3. High SafeAssign plagiarism score.

1. Low SafeAssign plagiarism score:

If the generated report shows 15% or below it, this indicates that the assignment submitted has a low safe-assign score which means very little work is copied from the existing data source and also being mentioned by quoting. The report shows below 15% means that the submitted paper or assignment has some content that has been matched with the other source, some quotes showing the referenced work. The results show this score doesn’t need to be analyzed again.

2. Medium SafeAssign Plagiarism level

The report generated after the submission of the work by the student shows a percentage between 15% and 40% is said to be a medium safeassign plagiarism level report. This percentage of the report shows that the text written in the assignment has been similar to other sources and is being paraphrased or quoted. This percentage of the score indicates plagiarism.

This means that the text is written by changing the words with the synonyms written in its language but the meaning is the same. and also contain the quoted sentences. Whether this type of score is acceptable or not depends on the different universities and if the student needs to review the assignment or not. This type of score shows that the content is copied. 

 3. High SafeAssign plagiarism score

The work submitted by the students generates a report that shows a score that is 40% or above that resulting in the student having done the work with extreme copying of the data from other sources. also means the student has done the most work by paraphrasing and has used quoted text to the extreme level. The report shows a score above 40%. The student has written the content that is mostly available online or matches with the same submitted content by the student in the past and the professor finds the assignment unacceptable and the student needs to review the paper properly. 

What is the meaning of the SafeAssign percentage?

There is a different meaning for the percentages according to the safeassign report. The following is the meaning of different percentages:

The Score of 0% percentage:

It shows that the student has done work on their understanding, searching on the topic, and collecting the information deeply.

The score of 100% percentage:

The submitted assignment shows the score is 100% which means that the whole work done by the student is plagiarized. The student has done the work by paraphrasing, quoting, and giving references to the author in different formatting styles. and the student needs to review the assignment.

The score of 70% percentage:

It shows that the work submitted by the student is 70 percent similar to the existing work that is available globally or the submitted data by the student.

The score of 30% percentage:

The generated report shows 30% of the score after the submission of the assignment which means that  30% of this is similar to the existing content.


The student should try to submit the assignment that is done by deep search, getting information about the topic, and making sure that only 0% plagiarism is generated during the submission of the assignment done by the student in SafeAssign software. and if the report shows a score above 40% it means that it is a bad SafeAssign score and the student needs to review the assignment again.

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