What is a Document Camera – Types, Benefits and Where it Can be Used?

The current technology has shown great growth in providing innovative tools and devices. One such innovation that is especially used in the teaching sector is the Document camera. Remember the projectors in your classroom which were used to show some of your practical skills to you? The document camera is similar to it but is a better version. 

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick takeaway on what is document camera-

  • The document camera is a camera that is used to display images of objects that are important to show to the students.
  • There are three types of document cameras- Small lightweight models, Large bulky models and Visualizers.
  • It will help you to present the images and the videos to your audience.

However, we will recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any important information. 

What is a Document Camera?

The document camera is a camera that is used to display images of objects that are important to show to the students. It is also known as the visual representation which helps to take up the real-time image and display it to a large audience. They are just like the traditional projectors but more like a better version of it. 

As during the traditional time when you are taking up the class, the projector is placed in the classroom and can only be used when you are present in the classroom. Though when you are using a digital camera, you can project the object or other things on a big screen remotely as well. This is one of the most used tools by teachers all over the world as they can make notes on paper and then can present them to their students. 

Types of Document Cameras

There are mainly three types of Document cameras-

  • Small lightweight models
  • Large bulky models 
  • Visualizers

The small lightly weighted model is also known as the portable model which is a perfect choice for those who need to travel often. Large bulky models are also known as desktop document cameras. Both these cameras are perfect for an environment where you need to explain to a large audience like teaching. 

Whereas, visualizers which are also known as ceiling document cameras are installed in the ceiling to help in clear video conferencing among a large number of people. It helps in clear video conferencing without any problem in it.

Document camera advantages

The following are the advantages of the document camera-

  • It will help you to present the images and the videos to your audience.
  • You can take it with your self and use it anywhere.
  • This is perfect for teachers teaching online.
  • It can also be used in courtrooms or even in the medical field. 
  • You can display your work to your boss from anywhere you want.

Does the document camera take pictures?

Yes, you can take up pictures from it and show them to your students/audience. The important thing here is that you must install the right software to help you get the perfect picture. If you are noticing that the picture is not being displayed properly, you can even display it properly. All you need to do is to adjust the lens of the document camera. 

What do you use a document camera for?

Following are the things that you can use the document camera for-

  • It is used in the education industry for teaching different lessons to students.
  • You can give presentations to your audience in your meeting and professional training.
  • This is suitable for allowing videoconferencing and telecommunications.
  • It can also be used in the medical field. Doctors can use it to get the x-ray. 
  • Courts can use it to present the evidence to the judges.

What is a document camera for teachers?

You can use a document camera in your teaching experience in many ways-

  • You can write the notes on it along with your students so that they can easily understand what you want to teach them.
  • If you are teaching online, you can use it in a similar manner as you use the blackboard.
  • Many times you will need to share a document other than the textbooks. You can use the document camera to show the document to the students on the big screen.
  • Another big advantage of using it is that you can show how various processes in science take place.
  • You can use maths tools to show the students how they can solve complex mathematical problems.
  • Take up various quizzes and tests on it to examine your students.

Can you use a document camera without a computer?

The document camera is a technology that helps to display an image or a video to a big audience. You can easily use the document camera without using the laptop. All you need is to connect it to the HDMI of the technology on which you need to display. It can be either your TV, monitors, projectors, etc. You can also use it as a web camera or a recorder. 

What can you use instead of Document Camera?

Though the digital camera is a great innovation some people may look for an alternative. You can use other things instead of a digital camera to present the images to the students. All you will need is your mobile phone, windows/mac book, projector or like display. You will need to install software that helps to convert your laptop into a receiver. 

Now connect your mobile phone and the laptop with a similar verification. Connect your laptop to the projector and launch the software. Once done go on your mobile and open the screen mirror option on the software. It will act exactly like the Document camera for you. 


The document camera is something similar to the projector but is a more innovative version of it. It is used to display images in video conferencing or even when you are teaching students. While using a document camera you can zoom in on the pictures that you are displaying in your meeting. It is the best device for people who need to travel frequently. As they can easily give their presentation from anywhere they are going. 

William Christie