What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

Streaks on Duolingo always motivate me to complete my lessons. Every lesson I complete brings me closer to increasing my streak score. Streaks help to represent how long you have been using Duolingo. Whenever I see my streak score, I get curious to know what the longest Duolingo streak is and who holds it. I decided to search for it, and it was shocking to see the number of the largest streak scores. Thus, I am here to share my insights with you.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? 

I was shocked to know that the longest streak on Duolingo is around 4096 which is held by the user christi3. Having 4096 streaks means that the user has been using Duolingo for the past 11 years. As Duolingo was established in 2011, this longest streak shows that the person has been with Duolingo since the beginning of the platform. Another interesting fact that I got was not only Christi3 the one who has streaks from the past 10 years, there were other learners as well. Below I have mentioned the names of the other users with the streak scores from the past 10 years-

  • SarkaB – 4095 days 
  • Johnarnold – 4092 days 
  • DeeRamm – 4090 days 
  • Davidbohardt – 4072 days
  • kltran – 4064

How you can find the longest streak?

Finding out the longest streak on Duolingo is very easy. When I was searching for the streak score, I was not sure how to do that. At that time, I got to know about a separate website known as Duome. Duome is unofficial but the best app to check the streak score. On this platform, you can not only check your streak score but also the XP scores of other users. The second you land on the webpage of Duome, you will be able to see the global dashboard. However, if you want to see where you stand among the other users, all you have to do is to write your username, after entering the website. 

Duome platform will have two different leadership boards based on the type of users- 

  • The first set includes people irrespective of the use of streak freeze.
  • The second set of users is the one in which only people who have not used it are included.
What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

Further, we have discussed the feature streak freeze in detail for your better help.

What is streak freeze?

Streak freeze is a feature that helps to lock the number of streaks you have. This feature turned out to be my savior. I was having 200 streaks and was about to go out somewhere. It made me realize I might be losing my streak scores. So I decided to use streak freeze. It saved my 200 streaks but took some gems. There are two ways to get the streak freeze-

  • The first one is to buy it from the Duolingo shop.
  • The other way is the one in which you will get them through the streak society.

What are the different ways to maintain the Duolingo streak?

Duolingo streak helps you to know where you stand in your learning path. However, it is very easy to lose the streak on Duolingo. As I was traveling, I really needed to get the ways by which I could save them other than streak freeze. Following are the ways that I tried to maintain the Duolingo streak score-

1. Stop ignoring the warnings of Duo Owl

Duo Owl will appear on the screen after some time you miss the lessons. You should not miss any of the warnings of the owl. If you are doing something important, ensure you complete the lesson after completing it.

2. Keep it short

When you log in to the platform, you will find long lessons sometimes for higher-level skills. It might take you more time. When I was traveling, I used this way to maintain my streak score. I try to complete short tasks of 5 – 10 minutes. This helped me to save me from losing my streak score.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

3. Stay consistent

Staying consistent means logging in to the account regularly at equal intervals. However, you must make sure that you complete at least one activity at a time. Try logging in to the platform at a similar time every day. It will help you become consistent with your daily routine.

4. Never forget your end goal

Again you must remember why you were initially using this platform. There can be several reasons why you are using it. When I started using Duolingo to learn Spanish, my reason was to gain knowledge. However, when I was learning French, it was because I was thinking of traveling over there. I never forget my end goal, which made me complete my course faster.



The longest Duolingo streak holder is user Chiristi3 with 4096. This shows that it has a streak of more than 10 years. If you do not get active on Duolingo for a day, you will lose the streaks you have received. It was really scary as I was traveling outside my country. I thought I would lose all the streak scores that I have received so far. So I used streak freeze and tried completing short lessons. You can also find the highest streak on Duolingo. Simply, look at Duome- an unofficial website.


What happens at 365-day streak Duolingo?

When you are using Duolingo for a year continuously, you will reach the first tier. It will help you to achieve wildlife achievement. You will also get VIP status once you get a 365-day streak.

How long is a good Duolingo streak?

There is no fixed number of Streaks that you should have on Duolingo. You can have streaks according to the number of days spent on the platform. However, if you are at a stage where you only have 7 streaks, the chances of you completing the course increase by 3.6 times.

Does the Duolingo streak society still exist?

This feature was earlier available on both the app and the desktop version. However, with new updates, you will only get this feature on Androids. Also, you must remember that you will only get this feature once you complete the 365 streaks.

How long can you freeze your streak in Duolingo?

You can freeze your streaks for two days in a row. This means that you will not be able to freeze the streak for a full week with single streak freeze.

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