When do GCSEs results come out?

Your GCSEs are the qualifications that you have taken during year 11. These are the exams that will help you to get your A-levels and will also help you in getting to the university. Thus after giving these exams, you will be waiting for your results. However, you must know when the GCSE results will come out.

The result for GCSE results generally comes out on the last Thursday of august each year. This means that you need to wait for the august ending to get the desired results.

When do GCSEs results come out?

You generally take the GCSEs during year 11. However, after taking the exam you will be eagerly waiting for the result of your exams. Therefore it is important to know the result date for GCSE exams. Generally, your GCSEs results will be out on the last Thursday of August each year. This means that you will have to wait until August ending to get the GCSEs results. However, if you want to get your GCSE results faster for maths you must try to take it online. When you will have the GCSE result you may also see P1 and P2 grades.

How will you get your GCSE results?

How you will get your GCSE results will depend upon the school from which you are taking the exam. Usually, you will be picking your result from your school itself. Also, you will get a particular time to take the result from the school. If you are away from your home on the result day,  you will need to get in contact with the school in advance. However, depending on the school you are studying at, you may have to take the result online via email only. If this is the scenario, the school will have already told you about it in advance. 

How is the current grading system different from the old one?

During the old grading systems, the students do not need to do much more effort to get an A*. However, with the change in the grading system, they have to put a lot more effort to get the top most grade in the exams. The old grading system was based on an alphabetic system from A*-U. Whereas the current system is based on numerical order i.e 9-1, 9 being the highest grade.

When you will get the GCSE results you will also see the mark equivalent which will help you to compare your grades with the current and old grading systems. The following table will help you to find out the comparison between the old and current grading systems-

C5, 4
E, F, G2,1

For how much time will the school keep the certificate with themselves?

GCSE certificates are proof that you have cleared your GCSEs and will involve the name of the subjects that you have taken during the exams. It is important for the school to keep your GCSEs certificate with themselves till 12 months after you have passed the exam. So if you were not able to take it on the result day, you can always take it from the school after it but within 1 year. It is because, after it, they may destroy it.

How to find out GCSE results from years ago?

To find out the GCSEs score from the past years ago, you will have to contact the school first. However, you first need to remember whether you have taken the GCSE results from the school or not. If you have already taken it then you will have to ask for the boards you have taken exams in. However if you have not taken it from the school, then you must get in contact with the school to know what they have done with your GCSE results. This is because it is mandatory for the school to keep the result for 1 year and after it, they either return it back to the board or they may throw it. 

Once you know what they have done with the documents you must get to know about the boards you have taken the exam from. It is important as you will need to call each board to get the replacement for your final results. You may have to wait to get the result as it may take time to process the documents. Therefore you must do it before some time off when you need it. 

Can you retake the GCSE exams?

Yes, of course, you can retake the GCSE exams if you want. You can either retake it to get better grades or if you have failed the exam. However, if you have failed math and English exams, you will have to retake the exam till you get a grade of 4. This is because it is compulsory to pass both subjects.
Also if you are retaking these two exams if you have failed them, you will not be paying any cost. However, if you are retaking it to increase your grades, then you will have to pay for it. For all the rest of the subjects, you will have to pay for retaking the exams. 

Can someone else pick your result?

Yes, you can definitely send someone else to pick up your result if your school does not offer you to take it online via email. You can send your guardian, friend, or anyone to pick up the results.
However, you will have to inform the school first if you are not able to pick it up from the school. It is important because your school will not give to any other person than you. So therefore you must give them proper information about the person who is going to get your result. 


GCSEs are the qualifications that you generally take during year 11. After giving these exams, one thing that you wait for is the exam results. Usually, the result is out on the last Thursday of August each year. You will get the result on the result day by either going to the school or taking it online via email. You can even ask someone to take it from the school or take it after some time on the result day. However, you must make sure that you take it within one year as after it the school may send the application back to the board or may destroy it.

William Christie