When do GCSEs Start and Finish?

It is important for this student to know when the GCSE exams are going to be held and when they are finishing as the student Have To prepare for the exams by planning the revision schedule for the GCSE exam. It is not compulsory that the exam is scheduled for the same period every year.

Mostly the exam begins in the second week of May. The end of the examination is held after 5 weeks when the exam starts. Hence resulting in its end date falling in the 3rd week of June. Further, we have discussed the dates in detail for your better understanding.

When Do GCSEs Start and Finish? 

Below we have discussed both the starting as well as ending dates-

When does the GCSE exam start? 

Mostly the exam begins in the second week of May. And this is not a fixed schedule; the date changes every year depending on the administration. If it’s student wants to get specific information about the date of the exam for the subject they can get it through the secondary school as they will provide you with a personalized exam timetable.

When do GCSE exams finish? 

The end of the examination is held after 5 weeks when the exam starts, hence resulting in its end date falling in the 3rd week of June. As the regular exam period of GCSE contains 4 weeks of exams. If a student wants to know when the exams are getting over they can again ask the secondary school to provide it.

When does the learning start for GCSE content in this Secondary School? 

The beginning of teaching the content to the student depends upon the school only. But the majority of the school begin to teach the GCSE content at the start of year 10 as the GCSE is a course of 2 years. There are some schools that start teaching the GCSE content in year 9, showing that the student has enough time to revise the lesson and to cover all the content of the GCSE exam. You must prepare for the GCSEs in the right manner as it is very important in your life.

There are many secondary schools in which the teaching of the GCSE content starts in year 9 but they teach the core subjects which are essential to pass the GCSE exam. The core subjects for GCSE exams are:

  • English
  • math 
  • science

How many hours does the student put in for GCSE exams? 

The time a student gets for writing an exam in the exam hall totally depends upon the subject which the student Has chosen to study at GCSE. As their subject with our more exam based and there is some subject which does not contain many grades. Also on the morning of your exam day, you must try to wear comfortable clothes. The following point shows the total time spent on the exam to the core of the subject in GCSE. 

  • For the English language, the total time spent is 3.5. 
  • For English literature, the rural time spent on exams is 4.
  • For math, 4.5 hours for combined science total time spent 7.5.
  • For triple science, the total time spent is 10.5.

When does the specification of content finish covering in GCSE? 

The covering of the syllabus and the material for specific GCSE courses totally depend upon the teacher and the way of their teaching. There is no guarantee that there will be a revision Class session for the student. So the student should manage all their revision by themselves without depending upon the teacher’s revision class sessions.

You should not wait for the teacher to finish the content of the course. All the students should be independent in terms of revisions. There are many teachers who do all the specification content approximately in March or April but there are many teachers who will teach you new content till the start of the exams. A teacher is always aware of the content they have to teach the student and the exam dates and the deadlines given to them for finishing the covering of the content/


Approximately the start of the GCSE is considered to be in the second week of May but it totally depends upon the secondary school. But the teacher provided deadlines for covering all the content of the CSE. So the student should not worry about the content covered but they should focus on the revision of the subject they are chosen in the course.


What is the finishing date of the GCSE exam in 2023? 

According to SQA the finishing date of the GCSE exam is the first of June 2013 and it will approximately begin on the 24th of April. 

What happens if the student throws up in a GCSE exam? 

Generally when the student is not feeling good and starts vomiting or any other symbols which indicate that the child is not in a good situation then the teachers isolate the candidate. 

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