When is the Sixth Form Application Deadline?

After completing the GCSE exam many students do think about the A-level exam at sixth form college or taking A-level online. As these qualifications are important you must take it and thus you must know the deadline for your sixth-form application.

Depending on the sixth form you want to study, the application deadline may vary. Every sixth form has its own deadline, but usually, most of the sixth forms have their deadline before getting the GCSE results which is August To make you understand the sixth form application deadline, further we have discussed about it in detail.

When is the Sixth Form Application Deadline?

The deadline for applying for the sixth form depends upon the sixth form college the student is applying for as certain colleges do have earlier closing dates so that they can conduct interviews of the student easily. Most of the popular sixth form colleges will have earlier closing dates. Most of the colleges of the sixth form start the course in September and the application of the student sending it after the deadline will not be accepted by them. Most of the colleges have a deadline for applying to the sixth form colleges before the GCSE result i.e in August. But it is not the same in every sixth-form college.

Reason for setting application deadline by Sixth Form Colleges 

The sixth form colleges do have a deadline for applying for the colleges and sending the application so that they have enough time to conduct the interviews of the student. The more famous colleges will have more applicants so these colleges have earlier closing dates for sending the application. And some colleges don’t have any interview process for selecting students. In those colleges, the closing date for applying to the college is kept late. so the student should not waste the last date for getting over as if they miss the deadline of the college they want to apply to, they will feel disappointed. 

What Should the Student Do if they Miss the Sixth Form College Application Deadline?

Some colleges will allow you to apply for the college after the deadline of 3 to 4 days. You should not wait until the last moment and check for the deadline of the college and be updated. The following are some ways you can follow when you miss the sixth-form college application deadline:

1. Look For Another Sixth Form College

If you miss the deadline for the application then you should try for another college. You should have multiple choices for college. You don’t need to get admission to the first choice of college only. It will help you to start applying for another school as soon as you find that your first preference of the college has been missed by not applying it on time.

2. Consider Taking Online A-Levels

If the student has no other choice of 6th from college due to many reasons like traveling issues, the courses are not available there or the grade requirement then the student can also have the opportunity of taking a level course online. By A-level online, the student gets the opportunity to take full A level and help them to learn the skills. Which is being taught when the student is having the class in person.

3. Contact The Sixth Form College

If you miss the deadline for applying for the sixth form college you can also contact the college to inform you about the situation. You should talk to them by being polite and make them understand the courses you want to take. If you have a good grade then you should inform them about it which will increase your chance to submit your application to the college. 

4. Try Something Other Than A-Levels

If the student had made the decision of doing a specific course by a level but missed the application deadline of 6th form college then they should choose another high-level education such as vocational courses or apprehensive ship. Also, the student can do a full-time job after the GCSE results. The student can take help from the browser by searching about various other higher education alternatives for the student other than a level.

Why is there a need for a student to change the A-level subjects? 

There will be some students who know what exactly they have to study in a level subject but there are also some students who don’t have any idea about the subjects. When you get to know about the career path and the degree you want to continue after choosing a subject then there will be a chance that you will change a level course. If you have difficulty in choosing the courses, you can take help from other people, the family, or the teacher to guide you about it.


The deadline of the college depends upon the different sixth form schools only if the college the student is applying for is a very famous and well-known college then they do have an earlier closing date so that they can conduct the interview comfortably but if the college is not so well known then they will have a late closing date for applying for the college.

William Christie