When is the Student Finance Application deadline in the UK?

A student has to work hard to get a good grade at A-level that is required for the university but getting to a University without having a good grade is also stressful. The student thus has this dress of getting student Finance. Student Finance varies from person to person. And therefore it is important to know the deadline for the student finance loan.

The deadline for the new students is considered the 21st of May and for old students on the 25th of June. Further, we have discussed the deadline for student finance applications in detail but let us first understand what is Student finance loan.

When is the Student Finance Application deadline in the UK?

What is Student Finance? 

Student finance is a loan that is given to the student for meeting all the requirements of expenses of the university. There are two different types of student finance which in the student takes:

  • Tuition fee loan
  • Maintenance loan 

A tuition fee loan is a loan that helps you to cover the tuition cost of the university. Whereas a maintenance loan is a loan that helps you by providing the cost of living such as food. You are eligible to take out any of it. Student finance loans vary between countries in the UK. You must also remember that you may not get a student loan if you are studying for a second degree.

When is the student finance application deadline in the UK? 

Academically the deadline for the student’s application is considered the 21st of May which is for the new student and on 25th of June is for the returning student. Every year approximately the deadline for the application is the same. There are some chances that it may change a few days ahead or a few days early so the student should check the student finance deadline from the government website.

If you are not able to apply for the student finance application before the deadline then you should not worry about it as you might not get paid at the start of the term only but will be able to pay for it. The student can apply for finance up to 9 months after the first day of university. But applying late for student finance will have problems with cash. So you should ensure that if you are not able to apply before the deadline you should have money to pay the university expenses until you don’t get the student loan. However times your student loan may get paid anonymously.

Are the students Eligible to apply for student Finance? 

To apply for student finance there are the following requirements should be met:

  • The student needs to study at a recognized publicly funded University so that they qualify for public funding or a private University which does provide the student with public funding.
  • To get student finance, you need to live in the UK before the course starts for at least 3 years.
  • The student needs to study at a recognized University and should take a full-time or part-time course such as BSC which will allow them to apply for student Finance. 
  • The course you have taken should be started on or after the first of August.
  • The students are able to get funding if they are doing a Ph.D. If the course they studied first in high school is continued in the second course they will be able to get the fund for that course also.

How to apply for student FinanceFinance? 

The following are some steps that the student needs to follow to apply for student Finance:

  • Firstly the student needs to create a good finance account if they are a new student. But if you are a returning student then the student needs to sign into the account from the previous year.
  • After applying you should check how much you are eligible to maintain the plan and budget.
  • The student should have a student finance account and in case they are going to study at university or going to live in a place where they need financial help they can update the application quickly.
  • You should make sure that the bank account is ready so that you can receive the student loan in that account. You should make sure that all the correct Bank information is being filled in the application so that the money is paid into the account successfully.


You should make sure to check the deadline for the application for student finance and you should also check how much money the student is eligible to receive from the Student finance loan by checking the government website. The amount the student receives to finance varies by various factors.


What happens if a student applies for student finance late? 

If the student applies for student finance late then they will not get the money at the start of the course but near the start.

How long does it take in approving student finance? 

The approximate time taken to the approval is up to 6 weeks.

William Christie