Why are Professors so Rude?

When I was a student, I had some professors who purposely tried to insult me in front of everyone. I never loved them. Every student has to face this situation once in their life. I am sure you may have also been in a similar situation. Don’t you ever want to know the reason for them being so rude? I am sure you would want to know it. Thus, here I will share some popular reasons why are professors so rude to students.

Why are Professors so Rude?

Why are professors so rude?

Professors are there to help you. But sometimes, they become rude to you. But have you ever thought why? Following are the reasons why the students are so rude-

1. Students are not performing well

Every professor wants their students to perform well in their subject. Although each student has their own caliber, professors still want their students to do well. You may be a person who takes some time to understand the concepts or vice versa. Many professors fail to understand it which results in making them rude.

They may think that the student is not putting in much effort. It is because there are students who do not put effort. It makes the professor think, that all those not doing well in academics are not putting much effort. Therefore, the professor gets rude to their students. It is not because they hate you but maybe because they want you to be successful in your life. 

2. Students are not attentive

Even at the age when most of the students have maturity in them, they do not get attentive in the class. A professor takes out his/her time to teach the students. They give their time to make you understand the concepts. So when you or any other person is not paying attention, they will definitely get rude to you.

Also many times a professor gives instructions to you about assignment submission. Being not attentive in class, results in the wrong submission of the assignment.

3. Being disrespectful to them

Many students disrespect their professors and misbehave with them. You may also be disturbing the class by giving disrespectful comments. No professor would tolerate such misbehavior, and being rude to you is genuine. They would be much happier if you were not present in the class rather than getting the whole class disturbed. Therefore, remember, you are not in the classroom to make friends but to study.

4. Having the power

Many professors think, that being a professor means having control over their students. Therefore they start being rude to the helpless students. Some people love to control the lives of others. Your professor can be one of those. As the professor has all the right to make decisions for their students, no one can question them. Also, there may be some personal reasons, why they might be rude to you. Obviously, it is wrong, but it is a fact that most of the professors used their power in the wrong way.

5. They might be busy

Being a professor means having a lot of responsibilities. Some of them are: teaching the students and evaluating their grades. Your professor might be busy with other work, so they may get rude to you. In such a scenario, you must keep yourself calm. Try to understand that your Professor may be dealing with a lot of things at a single time. However, being busy does not allow the professors to get rude to the students.

6. Making a difference with the students

All educational institutions have their own policies. One such policy is the restriction of a professor and a student relationship. Becoming a professor is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort. No professor would want to lose their license just because of this restriction. So, they start being rude to the students. They think doing it will void any such relationship with them.

7. Want to maintain their image 

Well, it is a truth that every professor has his/her targets to achieve. Therefore, when students are unable to meet the expectations or do badly in their exams, it directly affects the image of the professor. In such a case, they get rude to the students. When students fail to meet expectations or do badly on exams, it affect the professor’s image. 


In a classroom, you may find your professor to be very rude. I know how it feels as a student. Thus, in the guide above, I have mentioned some of the common reasons why your professors may be rude. The common reasons are they may take advantage of their powers or you are disrespecting them. However, if they are just showing off their power, it is wrong. If you still have any doubts or want to share your experience, feel free to reach us through the comment sections.


Are professors allowed to yell at you?

Under normal circumstances, no professor is allowed to yell at you but if you are misbehaving with them, they can yell at you. 

Why are there so many bad professors?

Many students may find their professors bad but it is not true. Your professors may be having some personal issues or are busy with some of their other work. Thus they may not talk properly with you due to such reasons. 

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